Monday, May 7, 2012

Habanita: It Seemed Like A Good Idea At The Time

Over the past couple of months, I've been re-introducing myself to my perfumes and wearing some that have been sitting silent for a long time.  Okay, Habanita, I've never actually worn except to play with it on one arm or another at home.  Never outside the house, and never in public. 

But the other day, I ditched a training session that I just could not tolerate another minute.  One more presentation about process improvement and I thought I would jump out the window like the cowardly lion on Wizard of Oz.  Love that guy.

For whatever reason, as I was trolling around in my perfume cabinet, Habanita caught my nose and I decided to make it my scent of the day.  It was the smokiness that got me, that stale cigarette note that matched my rebellious mood. 

After my shower, I spritzed on a bit - not too much - and proceeded to finish my make-up and hair, reveling in the Marlboro magic.  It wasn't until an hour or two later that I began to smell like stale baby powder left on the baby's ass too long.

Ombre Rose squared.

Trying to act like I meant to smell like a dirty baby's butt, I went about my day of shopping, like I didn't see salespeople back away from me and turn up their noses in horror.

Of course, I have to own Habanita because it's a classic like Femme, Chanel #5 and Nuit de Noel.  Even though I hate them all. 

I would, however, like extra perfumista points because I actually wore Habanita in public.

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  1. "It seemed like a good idea at the time" is the exact definition of Habanita, which I have worn in public, consistently for at least a month about two years ago. Now I look at the bottle and ... flinch.

  2. Hi chatteutile - sometimes I get on a kick and have to wear a perfume for a period of time, too. Then, like you, I 'flinch' when thinking of it later. Habanita will not be venturing out with me again any time soon. Thanks for your comment.



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