Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Cuir de Lancome: Too Polite To Love

I like Cuir de Lancome.

Even the Diet Pepsi top note doesn't turn me off because I know right behind that is an amazing floral/leather heart note.

Heavy on the leather.

The first hour following the drydown teases me into believing I have found the leather perfume that will end my search forever.  For an hour, Cuir de Lancome is Absolute Perfection.

Riding boots with iris bulbs where feet should be.

After a couple of hours, however, I can't smell it at all.  Well, I can smell it by stuffing my nose into my wrist, but it's not the same perfume.

Now, it's all carrot juice and daffodils and dollar bills.   

Where the hell did the leather go?

Tonight, I apply L'Artisan's Passage d'Enfer and find myself wishing that Cuir de Lancome had more of that dirtiness in the drydown.  

But somewhere along the way, Cuir de Lancome starts feeling guilty about the bold, ballsy leather of the first hour.  She spends the rest of the day trying to act like the girl next door.

Gee, sorry if I got too leathery - just kidding.

Doesn't she know?  Great leather perfumes are never people pleasers.

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  1. Cuir De Lancome is ace and mine has good tenacity/ staying power. I bought it on a total whim which I had stopped doing because it was costing too much but in that case it's rare and I loved it instantly- I'm also not a big leathers girl but adore this, which makes no sense...

  2. Unsure about Cuir. I've tried it only once and it was just too much for me. Same with Cabochard. Both are gorgeous, but I cannot bear either of them for long.

    How I have suffered. Oh, help perfume is just too rich...*lands on fainting couch* ;)

    I'm going to try Cuir again now that you mentioned "dollar bills". I love the scent of bills, especially spankin' new ones.

    I enjoyed your phrase "...daffodils and dollar bills". It's got good rhythm and punchy alliteration!

  3. "Riding boots with iris bulbs where feet should be."! How well put!

  4. Ha! "Gee, sorry if I got too leathery." I love the drydown of Cuir, which is a long-wearing leathery amber on me, but it's in the pretty/delicious zone -- not dirty or ass-kicking. And I guess that's OK with me!

  5. Hi Rose - glad Cuir works for you! If it kept the leather a bit longer, it would work for me, too! I suppose 'whim buying' is part of the fun of our perfume addiction, right? Can't seem to stop that, either.

    Thanks for your comment!

  6. JoanElaine, hello! I actually like the 'dollar bill' vibe, too because there's a grittiness about it that roughs up any perfume.

    Cuir is a little 'much' in the beginning, but I think it might dry down to something you really like. Give it another shot!

  7. Hi Marina! Glad you liked the phrase - it was the only description that felt right. Are you a fan of Cuir?

  8. Elisa, you're exactly right - Cuir is in the pretty/delicious zone. I'm always hoping for ass-kicking in any leather perfume. Who am I kidding? In any perfume...

  9. I haven't worn Cuir in ages and remember the full-on leather phase, but not whether the leather comes over all apologetic later on - I really like that idea and will be waiting for it to speak to me now! : - )

  10. Vanessa, you should definitely revisit Cuir, as the drydown is quite soft; amber with a touch of floral. I love that full-on leather phase, but find that it fades quickly in many perfumes. Bummer.



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