Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Royal Wedding: I Miss Diana

Of course, I watched the royal wedding, just as I watched the wedding of Charles and Diana years ago.  

Mom would have loved this event.

Like many others, I have been observing Kate Middleton for awhile and I am impressed with her poise and good judgment.  Mature and solid, she is well prepared for her future role.  

The wedding itself was elegant and beautiful in its own way.  Honestly, I was hoping for a dress with just a bit more 'edge' (especially from the design house of Alexander McQueen), but respect Kate for playing it safe with a look that was classic and elegant.

William also looked dapper, although his rapid hair loss has aged him considerably and robbed him of the potential hotness he possessed in his early twenties. 

Beyond the superficial 'look' of the wedding, and its participants (Kate's sister, Pippa, did rather upstage her with that gorgeous dress), the ceremony itself had a 'heaviness' that I found oppressive and off-putting.  

'...a marriage in the fear of God, and children brought up in the fear of God...'  

'...on the dreadful day of judgment when the secrets of all hearts shall be disclosed.'  

Yikes, I thought we were celebrating.

In addition to the blatant paternalism and patriarchy, the robed religious dudes walking somberly to and from the podium reminded me of the Mystics in the 80's movie, The Dark Crystal.

Honestly, I fast-forwarded through most of the wedding.  Get to the kiss, already.

As the couple rode in the carriage back to Buckingham Palace, I was distracted by William waving to the crowd.  He looked like a little boy on his way home from McDonald's with a Happy Meal, waving at his best buddy, who is riding his Big Wheel down the sidewalk.

Add the white gloves to his large hands?  

Giggle successfully stifled.

I may as well just say it: without Diana, royal weddings all look the same.

Diana had that je ne sais quoi that set her apart from all the others.  On her wedding day, she was radiant, even in that beautifully awful fairy tale of a dress, which reflected her hope in a life that was happily ever after.  

Fleshy and pink, she hadn't whittled herself down to a snap-her-arms-like-a-twig size zero.  Instead, she looked like a girl who knew the sensuous appeal of relishing a good meal with the man she loved.

Diana had the ability to make everyone around her seem more interesting; more desirable.  The queen was less dowdy, the palace more alluring.  If she loved Charles, then even he must be less stodgy than he appeared.

And she was messy, behaving inappropriately at times, sharing her passions when it would have been prudent to keep them to herself.  Diana's imperfection touched us all and let us see bits of ourselves in her life and her struggles.  We loved her for that.

The Queen of People's Hearts.

William and Kate are a beautiful couple and a great team.  They obviously love each other and will likely have a long and successful marriage together. 

May they find and perpetuate Diana's legacy of magic.

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Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Curse of Perfume Inertia

Yup, I have it again.  Perfume inertia.  Not exactly the fuck-its, but close.

I'm still wearing perfume - or sniffing - daily, but it's not 'doing me' like it's supposed to.  Plus, since I've been buying like a lunatic, my collection contains new perfumes that I Simply Had To Have that have never made it onto my skin.

Inner Critic has a whole bag of 'What a dumb ass.'

One thing is certain; Daphne is on a break, refusing to get twitterpated over anything.  She did perk up when I layered Estee Lauder's Knowing with Demeter Dirt, but with her, enough is never enough.  

Then all she wanted was, 'layer Dirt with this, layer Dirt with that.'  Fifteen scent strips later, Daphne was workin' my last nerve.

This isn't the first time inertia has hit, but every time it does, I fear that perfume will lose its appeal forever.  I will suddenly be content to hang out with the unspritzed and uninspired masses.

Then you'll have to shoot me.

How do you deal with Perfume Inertia?

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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

My Latest Wild Hair: Painting The House

I never knew B-man's parents, but they live on through his stories.  Especially his mother, Ethel.

Ethel was a feisty woman with a ton of energy who sometimes took matters into her own hands...right until she became distracted and moved on to something else.  

Once, she got a wild hair and painted the bathroom bright orange while everyone else was out of town. 

Makes sense to me.

Currently, I am Lit Up about painting the interior of our house.  We have wallpaper in some areas that, frankly, humiliates me to think about.  Why haven't we pulled it all down and painted before now?

Well, let's see...

1)  Indecision
2)  Drinking wine on Big Red
3)  TJ Maxx
4)  Overwhelmed by the project
5)  Denial

But those days are over - we are painting this house!

B-man wisely wants to start downstairs, then move methodically, one room at a time, until we finish sometime in the next...well, sometime.


I, on the other hand, am staying way on top of things by planning each new room, but not in sequence.  

Sequence is boring. 

Instead, when we talked on the phone yesterday, I drove B-man crazy about creating more storage, moving furniture from upstairs to downstairs and vice versa.  

And what's the right color?  And we need to look at magazines and talk to people and think this through and discuss it a lot, don't you think?

Well, don't you?!

B-man:  Jesus, I married my mother.

Me:  Well, then you should be used to this.

B-man:  I'll just wait until the flame dies down.

Me:  Look, I'm happy to do this by myself.

B-man:  Oh, my God, now you're scaring me.

Me:  Seriously, I will.

B-man:  You'll lose interest half way through.

Me:  No way, I'm on it this time.

B-man:  Remember the sewing machine?

Me:  Um, no, actually, I don't.

B-man:  Uh-huh.

Me:  Hey, I could still use it one day.

B-man:  You need a little kitty toy to keep you busy.

Me:  Like the picture I used on my blog awhile ago?

B-man:  (Big laugh) Yeah, I forgot about that.

Me:  It did look fun, and I'm pretty easy to entertain.

B-man:  True.

Me:  I hate that you know that about me.

Fine, we'll proceed a step at a time.  And I won't take matters into my own hands.  Not yet.

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Sunday, April 24, 2011

This Year's Easter Perfume

My Easter perfume is different every year.  Perhaps that's because I'm different every year (B-man loves this trait, but it sometimes drives me crazy).

Last year, my Easter perfume was an accidental layering success of Tea Rose and Sur le Nil.  Applying Tea Rose as a refresher perfume after wearing Sur Le Nil all day, I realized they were perfect together. 

Easter was also the first time our family had been together for a holiday since Mom died.  We were all stunned and very blue without her.  

Easter was one of her favorite times, and because she was religious, she loved the juxtaposition of the Resurrection and springtime. A year later, Mom's absence is still felt so strongly. 

Today, we are not all together, but chose instead to do our own thing in our own way.   B-man and I spent yesterday with Dad, helping assemble his new gazebo (courtesy of Big Sis), and watching Paige run around chasing her toy hedgehog and, of course, Gator.

My weekend, so far, has been scent free.  Daphne wanted time to reflect on perfumes of the season.  Even though I am not wearing perfume on my body, I have indulged in sniffing today.

The following perfumes are runners up in the Easter Perfume of the Year (I have disqualified both Tea Rose and Sur le Nil because even the best pageant winners reign only once):

Hiris by Hermes - this rooty iris bulb captures the earthy, chalky smell of spring, and the essence of new iris blossoms.  Unfortunately, it lacks the prettiness that must exist in an Easter perfume.

La Chasse aux Papillons by L'Artisan - a beautiful, airy-fairy tuberose perfume.  Completely lovely and unobtrusive.  However, it needs more 'pop' to be a true Easter contender.

Narcisse Noir by Caron - Orange blossom and incense goes nicely with the religious service that might accompany Easter.  But it's too heavy to accurately reflect the light innocence of the season.

Eau du Soir by Sisley - Certainly bright and hopeful, but a little too sharp-edged to extend the universal invitation of Easter.

So, what is my Easter Perfume of 2011?

Rose Essentielle by Bvlgari - Just the right blend of rose, raspberry, and tulip greens to perfectly represent this special holiday.  Plus the sillage and lasting power are tremendous (meaning 'perfect,' not 'monster').

Rose Essentielle puts Easter in my heart and makes me think of Mom.  Then I want to smile...just because.

What is your Easter perfume this year?

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Friday, April 22, 2011

Perfumista Recruiting Success Story

I have a new boss.

And she's fantastic.  

This pisses me off just a little because she got the promotion that eluded me. 

Now I know why.

When she first began, I was a bit skeptical and I reserved judgment until we got past the honeymoon phase.  But she was engaging from the very beginning.

She's also a storyteller.  

People are divided into two groups:

1)  Let me make my point through telling a story.
2)  Just get to the freakin' point. 

I happen to be in category #2, so it took me awhile to figure out how to adjust my style of 'bottom line me, please' to her style of 'that reminds me of...'

One thing I did notice from the start is that she wears perfume every day.  She's an Estee Lauder fan (Sensuous, Pleasures, Beautiful) and she also came out with Ferragamo F, a perfume that I scrubbed and returned after the first wearing.   

On her, it was really nice.

Little Miss Perfect.

Honestly, she kinda is.  She's funny, brilliant and more supportive than any other boss I've had.  Ever.

She pronounces 'sillage' wrong, but still. 

We have bonded over perfume.

To show my appreciation, and lure her further into Perfumistaville, I decanted three spray samples (I'm not about to screw things up by suggesting she dab):

Rykiel Woman
Kenzo Amour
Kelly Caleche

She loves Kelly Caleche and said, 'I want to bathe in it.'  I suspected this one might suit her and challenge her nose just enough.

Score one for me.

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Thursday, April 21, 2011

There's No Such Thing As Too Much Rain

 Seattle Skyline

Yesterday was the umpteenth day in a row that it has either rained or snowed.  

While I am done with snow for the year (give me a white Christmas and I'm pretty much good to go), I do love the rain and don't remember a time, ever, that I wanted it to stop.

Rain makes me feel nurtured and alive.  Just before the showers come, the sky closes in and everything gets dark, as if Mother Nature is announcing some dramatic event that only she can truly appreciate.  

Perhaps that is why all of my adult life, I have fantasized about the Northwest.  Seattle is The Place on earth I most want to live for a variety of reasons; the city, the water, the history and the grittiness.  

But it's the constant rain that truly resonates with my heart and soul.  Smells of wet concrete, dripping leaves and a damp mustiness call forth another time, other lives and my own unfinished drama.

Even though it rains almost daily in Seattle, each time the sky clears, all that is below it pulsates with life.

The Emerald City, indeed.

Mom also loved dark, rainy days.  It's one of the quirks that we shared, which I also share with my son, JD.  On many such days, one of us will text simply to say 'I'm thinking of you on this black, rainy day and hope you're enjoying it, too.'

Yesterday marked fourteen months since Mom died.  I hope she enjoyed the beautiful rain.

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Monday, April 18, 2011

Rumeur by Lanvin: Mainstream Marvel

On occasion, I try to be a perfume snob.  Honestly, I suck at it.  I have a hard time naming specific notes and often smell things that no one else does anyway.

Daphne sniffs to the beat of her own drum.

Rumeur came my way as one of several mainstream perfumes ordered during a recent 15% off frenzy. 

After smelling it on a scent strip, I promptly put it away, because on paper, Rumeur is artificial and plastic, like a rose at the dollar store with the Gumby stem. 

But on my skin, wow!

Even though it starts as a pleasant-but-generic white floral, Rumeur becomes more and more interesting over time.  Rose is there, but so is jasmine and a hint of Fracas without the licorice.  

And hello, strawberry daiquiri. 

In addition to all that, it'  This surprise element keeps teasing me throughout the day, like a rogue dandelion in a petunia patch. 

Rumeur has nice sillage and great lasting power.  Something about today's rain brought out the best in this perfume and also assured me that the green, gorgeous days of Spring are right around the corner.

Daphne has a new little friend.

What perfumes have surprised you lately?

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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Perfume For A Good Cause

Seriously, I have got to stop buying perfume.

I'm on a bender. 

In the last month alone, I have purchased five full bottles. But that's only because those demon online perfume stores keep sending me discount coupons.  Otherwise, I would certainly be more responsible.

Instead of A Perfumista Run Amok.

Last night, B-man and I attended a fund raiser for our local Ronald McDonald House.  Every year, I hope to find one magic basket among the silent auction items.  

At times, I have fallen victim to baskets that are somewhat less magical.  (This might be a good time to mention that alcohol flows freely all evening.)

You have no idea how much useless crap I have stashed in the Smellie Room from silent auctions past.  There's only so much regifting one can do, after all.  

For example, last year I bought a square wicker box of 'Beach Reading' novels, certain it would make a perfect gift for...God knows who.

In fairness, I have also scored some great perfumes, lavender products for Baby Sis (lavender is her thing), and a very cool artificial plant for my office.

But last night, as I wandered among the rooms of auction items, I felt discouraged and uninspired.  Then, suddenly, there it was, my basket of the year, luring me with the following items:

D&G Le Bateleur
D&G L'Imperatrice
D&G La Roue de la Fortune
Boucheron by Boucheron
Donna Karan Cashmere Mist
Gold make-up bag by Donna Karan

Like a tiger stalking its prey, I paced back and forth, eyeballing the contents and the number attached to the only bid on the card.  Mentally, I calculated how far I would go in the bidding with the justification that it's a once-a-year thing and the cause is important. 

Still, I didn't want to appear eager.  'When the time is right,' I told myself, 'I will pounce.'

But first, I had to silence Inner Critic, who was doing all he could to shame me out of buying the pricey item.  Of course, he hit below the belt by bringing up my still-wrapped 'Beach Reading' basket.

Nice try, asshole.

As the auction wound down, and the time to enter a final bid got nearer, I started to panic, uncertain I could maintain my cool facade.  At that point, I decided to employ a spy of great stealth and nonchalance who always closes the deal: B-man.

We huddled briefly and discussed the top end of my bid, which had risen considerably due to the two glasses of wine I had consumed in the past hour.  

My competitive juices were flowing and I was emboldened with the recurring thought of, 'that bitch is mine.'   B-man got the importance of this quest immediately.  He gave me a mischievous smile and said, 'after all, it's for a good cause.' 

After giving each other the 'thumbs up' sign, I was off to the other side of the room to watch as my lion went in for the kill bid and dragged home the fattest gazelle perfume basket.

In order to fully justify my purchase, I'm planning a perfume party when it gets warm. 

Inner Critic is not invited.

Plus, having more full bottles than I can possibly use allows me to include 'give away' tables at random, unexpected times.

This is my way of promoting the joy of perfume, which is a very good cause, indeed.  And it sounds a lot better than 'run amok,' don't you think?

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Thursday, April 14, 2011

If Only I Could Call Her

 Mucketypalooza has come to an end.

Everything went as planned.

Jardin en Mediterranee, by Hermes, accompanied me through yesterday and today.  It is my go-to, desert island, Holy Grail wannabe perfume.

Tonight, I'm winding down (getting buzzed) with a glass (more than one) of wine, sitting on Big Red, pondering my day.  Reviewing it all, I am filled relief, pride, exhaustion and thoughtfulness.

B-man picks me up after the symposium (he offered to chauffer me because it was snowing (!) this morning), and I find myself crying in the car on the way home.

At the end of  this significant day in my life, I am struck by one thought:

I really miss Mom.

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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

What Perfume Goes With Antsy?

This is quite a week.  I'm so excited that it's here and I can't frigging wait until it's over.

Yeah, one of those.

Big presentation.  Really, really big.  A scary-as-hell, big presentation.

But, for some reason, I'm not scared.  My presentation is done, I know the material well and, let's face it, I get off on performing.

Don't tell - I'm supposed to be the shy one.  

Right now, it's more like I'm...antsy.  And a little hyper.

B-man's got to be loving that.  Especially since I bit his head off earlier. 

See, I was trying on clothes for tomorrow.  This only happens when I'm antsy, by the way.  Usually, before deciding what to wear, I just stand in front of my closet and drool, never actually deciding until the last minute when I throw on my usual black and gray ensemble.

Anywho, I heard B-man coming down the hall and went into another room to avoid him, embarrassed by my antsiness, certain he was headed for his laptop in the office.  But no, he wanted his latest Esquire magazine, which happened to be where I was - of course -  in the Smellie Room.  

So I flashed Irritated Face and said, 'jeez!'  

He's like, 'what - I'm just getting my magazine!' and flashed Chill Out face right back.

This violent encounter threw me off my game and I still have no idea what to wear.  But I need to figure it out, because Mr. Muckety-Muck is flying into town to spend the next two days at our hospital.  

At my invitation.

We will hang out tomorrow, hobnob with my staff and I'll introduce him and smile 'til my face hurts. 

The Best Little Host Ever Known To Mankind.

On Thursday, we'll do it all over again, except both of us will give presentations at a symposium that involves all the other Muckety's in my organization.  

Friday, when everything's over, B-man and I are going to Baby Sis and T's house to hang out and enjoy some French onion soup. 

I fully plan to need a designated driver.  I'd better be sucking up to B-man.

Hmmm...what perfume goes well with antsy?

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Ode to Rose Essentielle by Bvlgari

Raspberry Preserves
Dubble Bubble Gum
Wet Grass
Satin Purse Lining
Vase Water
Teak Wood

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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Mainstream Marathon #1 Pick Bites The Dust

My #1 pick after last weekend's Mainstream Marathon?

Essence Narcisso Rodriguez.  Had a moment of rapture over this one.

First of all, it's...weird.  I'm a sucker for weird, you know that.

And soapy, soapy, soapy.  What kind of soap, I'm not sure, but the simple clean citrus and rosy musk just blew my skirt up. 

Figuratively speaking. 

I told you that B-man was coming with me so I wouldn't be tempted to cheap out.  We separated at the mall while I wandered through Sephora.   I could hardly wait to track him down and have him smell Essence, certain that he, too, would be stunned by its beauty.

Instead, upon sniffing, he gave me 'The Face.'  

You know the one.

This was not the celebration I imagined where we hugged, then joined hands and did a happy dance through the mall. 

Dude, I brought you to keep me from cheaping out, not to kill my rapture buzz.

Knowing that he didn't like Essence enough to convincingly override my cheapness, we left the mall to go to TJ Maxx.  

Because no weekend is complete without a trip to 
TJ Maxx.

As I gave it more thought, I appreciated B-man's position.  After all, he has a good nose and would normally err on the side of supporting a new purchase, so I took his opinion seriously.

Once I had pouted sufficiently.

Have you ever sampled something again and again, tried to convince yourself you love it, then acquired the perfume and never worn it?

That's one of the risks of 'perfumistaism,' and it's happened to me more times than I care to admit.  To insure I wasn't simply in love with the idea of Essence, I decided to wear it again to solidify my opinion.  

On Thursday, I used up the rest of my sample and thought it was okay, but there was no swooning, no OMG moments, no blowing up of the proverbial skirt.

Then, Friday night, B-man and I met JD and our daughter-in-law, Sammy, for dinner.  The restaurant is close to Sephora, so I visited briefly and sprayed myself with Essence.  Since it would be at least another hour and a half  before we ate, it had plenty of time to dry down, and it's a perfume with mild to low sillage.

Deal Killer:  Essence is not great with food.  In fact, smelling it along side food was the first time I noticed the powdery aspect others have mentioned.

In a word, eww.

Because of this aromatic faux pas, Essence is now off my 'must have' list.  

I hate it when B-man's right.

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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Navigating The Sea Of Perfume Sales Associates

A Mainstream Marathon requires me to smell endless perfumes.  As I watch others reaching for the coffee beans, I feel cocky that my nose has built up enough endurance to sniff for hours without needing a break.


Somewhat less satisfying, however, is dealing with a parade of sales associates. 'What perfume do you wear now?'  'What was the last perfume you bought?'  

Responses rattling in my head:

A. Those questions are irrelevant.
B. It's just too tedious to address.
C. I didn't ask for your help.
D. You're killing my Marathon buzz. 
E.  Hell if I remember.

Instead, I say, 'I'm on an Hermes kick at the moment.'  This is true, actually, with Eau des Merveilles and Kelly Caleche making regular appearances.

'Do you wear Jo Malone perfumes?'

Before I can respond, the associate is regaling me with examples of layering options and the new tea collection, shoving scent strips my way.  

Perhaps irritation is playing into my opinion, but my chronic indifference to this line is confirmed.  The perfumes seem watered down (disappearing from the scent strip within minutes) and the packaging is...booooring.

Then I say what I always say to well-meaning, uneducated perfume associates: 'If you don't mind, I'd like to just experiment on my own and know that you're available to answer any questions that might come up.'

She responds by saying what they always say, 'Oh, well okay.'

It isn't two minutes before another sales associate comes to ask me if there is anything I need.  Done with the 'if you don't mind' bit (I can really only tolerate saying it once), I politely say,' no, I'm fine.'

To the third associate?  'No, I've been helped.'   

Jesus, enough already.

Then come more uninvited scent strips.  'Oh, you just must try this new nasty-cloying-floral from the house of Cheap Crap.'  

I might be paraphrasing.

To effectively communicate my long-suffering, I smell the strip before laying it down without responding.  Then, I continue with my own sampling.  This always gets the tight little smile that tells me they're almost ready to leave me the hell alone.

Out of the corner of my eye, I see a fourth sales associate walking toward me but she never arrives.   I can only assume the others use their Charades skill to say, 'She's Just Not That Into You.' 

And they wonder why so many people shop online... 

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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Happy 27th Birthday To My Baby Boy

Twenty seven years ago today, I was counting the minutes until 9:00 a.m. when I would meet you for the first time.  

Your birth was planned via c-section, for various reasons, and honestly, I was relieved because the thought of labor always freaked me out.   

This way, I knew precisely when you'd arrive.

Certain throughout my pregnancy that you were a girl (it wasn't so easy to tell back then), I had a twinge of disappointment until the nurse placed you in my arms. 

Then I fell in love for the first time in my life, consumed by your very presence.

Staring at you for hours, I was enamored by your perfection and the thought that you had just come from another place.  You were the strongest evidence of God's existence I had ever known.

Every day since then, you have enriched my life, and the many ways we are alike - and different - have both delighted and challenged me.

For example, both of us need someone to follow us around and make sure we take home our jackets, gloves, sunglasses and cell phones. 

When B-man was wondering just how many damn cell phones you were going to lose, I shrugged and said, 'I totally get that about him.'

And we're both straightforward and intense in our conversations, unafraid to speak our own version of the truth.  At times, this has landed us in dangerous territory, but we always seem to emerge with our love and respect for one other intact.

We both know that sweet potato fries kick ass.

But you love driving at night and you also love crowds, the bigger the better.  You're gregarious in a way that I never was and you hardly ever get cold, wearing a t-shirt and flip-flops most of the year.

Always, our time together is golden because you make me laugh as much as you make me think.  You are a brilliant star in my life and I am so very lucky, and proud, to be your mother. 

I love the man you have become.

And you will always be my gift from God.

Happy Birthday, Jase.

Picture of JD my own

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Boyfriend by Kate Walsh: We're An Item

I returned to Sephora today and bought Boyfriend after only one date.

God, I'm easy.

Take into account that I am in a Mainstream Marathon manic episode, but it also made me happy enough that I was compelled to make it mine.

My hunch is that Boyfriend will be a viewed as a commercial and formulation success; if not now, then in the future.  Perhaps falling into the same category as J-Lo Glow and Sarah Jessica Parker's Lovely.  

Starting out, Boyfriend reminds me of something familiar, like MAC 3 with it's rough, vanilla amber vibe. The top notes are heady, so give it 10 minutes.

That's when the really good stuff happens.

From beginning to end, I don't pick up a lot of floral notes at all - except jasmine, which is a favorite of mine - but mostly woods, myrrh and amber.  Plus scratchy patchouli, leather and coffee, although none of these notes are listed.

Day old stubble, too.

A few other reasons I fell for Boyfriend:

1)  Kate Walsh took a risk and did something far outside of the usual celebuscent offerings.  And she didn't name it Kate Walsh (take note, Jennifer).   

2)  Boyfriend has captured the essence and nostalgia of 'guy smell.'  I've known this scent (musky, sweet and outdoorsy) all of my life from hugging my grandfather, my dad, boyfriends of the past and B-man.

3)  Marketing is cheeky, and the design of everything from the bottle to the Boyfriend Kit is both absurd and titillating at the same time.  From a business perspective, it's brilliant.

4)  Controversy surrounds the release of this perfume.  I love me some controversy!  Anything that attracts this much buzz belongs in my hot little hand.

5)  Boyfriend works well with food.  We'd have to break up otherwise. 

Sillage is moderate but deep, and it lasted on my skin all afternoon until I showered before bed.  Boyfriend draws you in with subtle confidence instead of inundating you with flowers and compliments. 

Boyfriend is totally androgynous and I can imagine it smelling very nice on B-man. 

In several reviews, Shalimar has been compared to Boyfriend, but I don't necessarily share that opinion.

However, it's been awhile since I wore Shalimar.  It used to be my signature scent as a young woman and I wore it daily for several years.  But I can't wear it anymore because it will forever be associated with the most annoying boyfriend I ever had.

Love that irony.

More Mainstream reports to come. 

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Spring Is In The Air...Somewhere Else

Photos my own, taken this morning from our deck

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Mainstream Perfume Marathon Teaser

Today began my 'Tiptoe Through the Tulips' of mainstream perfumes and my skin is covered with different scents. (If you don't know who Tiny Tim is, just play along.)

B-man must be sick of me shoving my arms under his nose at different points of dry down.  

As the evening wears on, one perfume keeps jumping out.  It's different than what I'm looking for right now, but Daphne likes it.

Some perfumes I ruled out quickly:

Tresor In Love -   What am I, twelve?
Jennifer Aniston - Wake me up when this is over
Juicy Couture Anything - Bottled cliche

Numerous samples are playing hide-and-seek in the bottom of my purse and I plan to sort them out soon, over wine (can you think of a better way to spend Saturday night?).

So, what perfume keeps demanding my attention?


Even so, it's not my favorite of the day.

More to come.

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