Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year!!

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Perfume in 2010: My Very Own List

Perfumes I Wore Most in 2010:

Jardin en Mediterranee - My #1 go-to perfume
Borneo 1834 - Always leads, never follows
Agent Provocateur - Beauty and brains
Montale Aouds:  Black, White & Queen Roses

Perfumes I fell madly in love with in 2010:

Black Aoud - Oh. My. God.
Rose 31 - Makes me crazy in a good way
Eau du Soir - Luca Turin can bite me
DSH Memory and Desire - Melancholy bottled

Perfumes I Love But Hardly Ever Wore in 2010:

Sycomore - Rarely in the mood to smell this 'green'
Ambre Sultan - Beautiful, but big sillage
Narcisse Noir - Always the bridesmaid
Tea For Two - If only the smoke lasted longer
L'heure Bleue - Best as an 'evening alone' scent

Neglected Perfumes Rediscovered in 2010:

Angel Lily - Makes me feel peppy
Jungle l'Elephant - Fine suede in cool weather
Sonia Rykiel Woman - Friendly and warm
Dune - Salty oriental

My Favorite Slutty Perfumes of 2010:

Jean Paul Gaultier - Maybe, if you ask nicely
Poeme - Don't get my white gloves dirty
Fracas - You can look, but don't touch

Perfumes I Tried to Love in 2010, but Don't:

Amouage Lyric Woman - Oh, hell no
Paloma Picasso - Horses, plain and simple
Nuit de Noel - Interesting start, nasty finish
Bandit - Makes me cranky 
Paestum Rose - Promising start but wimps out
Iris Silver Mist - Trying a bit too hard
Cuir de Russie - Girly leather wannabe
Chanel No. 5 - Aldehydes unbecoming

2010 Delightful Perfume Experiences:

Perfume Blogging friends
DSH Essense Studio in Boulder, CO

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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Winter on the Farm

Roadside view of the farm

On Tuesday, Baby sis and I made the two hour drive from the city to visit Dad. 

First, we all went to the cemetery and I saw Mom's headstone for the first time.  It's beautiful.

Then, we made the 'lotto ticket/farm loop.'

None of us live on or by the farm now.  My parents sold the livestock and moved into a larger city twenty years ago. The land is leased to others who plow, plant and yield crops each year. 

Dad and my brother placed a trailer on the farm last year so that any of us can go and play and spend the night if we want.

This is where I grew up, where my grandparents lived and where the drama of our lives unfolded.  

Part of me will always be there.

Old buildings on the farm
Snowy fields with plow stripes
Dad's trailer 
What used to be my grandmother's house on the farm
View of the house I grew up in from grandma's
Ducks wondering what we're doing on the road

Pictures my own, taken on Tuesday

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Ode to Eau du Soir by Sisley

Lemon Furniture Polish
Fresh Parsley
Green Rose Stem
Tool Kit
Grass Stain
Just Before Sunrise
Leather Incense

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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Death Unfinished, Words Unspoken

My mother fought hard to stay alive. 

After we were told by her doctors that nothing more could be done, and she was put under hospice care, the writing was on the wall.  

But she kept fighting.

So we didn't talk about the fact that she was dying.

Several times, I approached the topic of death with Mom and was told, in no uncertain terms, that we were not going to have that conversation.  Talking about death, according to her, would signify that we had given up hope and would only hasten her decline.

For the next two months, we lived in the reality of Mom's stubbornness and our denial.  Because of that, we missed the small window of opportunity when she may have been able to engage in meaningful discussions with each of us. 

Honestly, I feel angry about that now.  Angry that my mom couldn't have a conversation that might have brought peace to her children and to her.  Angry that I was alone in wanting to help her move toward greater acceptance rather than join her in denial.  Angry that we watched her die and so much is left unfinished. 

And now, it's too late.

It's done.

Inner Critic thinks I'm being unfair and childish.  People have the right to live - and die - the way they choose.  Intellectually, I understand this.

But, as a daughter, my emotions get in the way of my logic.  And, as a mother, I can imagine some of what I would want to tell my son.

Like how much I love him and what a light he is in my life.  And maybe we'd share memories like the time, as a little boy, he begged us to play The Dark Crystal over and over again at the part where Fizzgig throws a tantrum, and he laughed so hard he almost passed out. 

Or we would laugh about how I used the f-bomb multiple times the one day I tried to teach him to drive.  B-man took over from there.

I would let him know that nothing can ever diminish my love for him and I will comfort and protect him in every way that I can, even in death.

That's what I needed to hear from Mom.  

I know she loved me, but I'll never know what she might have said had she known she was leaving us. 

In the coming years, I can imagine many one-sided conversations at her grave.  Someday, I may come to terms with that.  But right now, her death is the unfinished business of my life.

We Made It Through The Day!

Is anyone else relieved that Christmas is over?

Our day was lovely, even though I missed my mother more than I expected and was surprised by sudden tearfulness a few times during the day.   I had told myself - erroneously, as it turns out - that by feeling the grief in advance, Christmas day itself would be easier.

Not so much.

Still, B-man and I managed to have a great time.  Together, we delivered plates and small gifts on Christmas Eve, then hung out with JD and Georgie Girl (JD's amazing wife) yesterday.  Last night was spent enjoying family at my sister's home.  

We will resume our tradition of group dancing to Livin' La Vida Loca another year.

Scent of the Day?  Montale's White Aoud (this full bottle purchase was my Christmas gift to me).

Today will be spent doing a lot's see...nothing.

Happy Day After Christmas!

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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas To My Mother

Christmas morning and you're not here for the first time.

You are missed and loved.  And always remembered.

Merry Christmas to you, Mom.

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Friday, December 24, 2010

We Three Kings - Myrrh

This is my final post in the We Three Kings joint blogging project. Normally, I enjoy rambling on about different topics in between posts about perfume, so my attention span has been challenged. 

Fortunately, the perfumes themselves continue to move me, inspire me and lead the way forward.

Myrrh - L'eau du Navigateur by L'Artisan

I discovered L'eau du Navigateur during an adventure in New York City a couple of years ago.  Among a number of samples, this stood out as The One.  While it starts with the essence of a freshly opened cardboard box, L'eau du Navigateur will forever remind me of the smells of Central Park; corn dogs and popcorn, water with freshly fallen leaves and the grass in autumn.

On B-man, L'eau du Navigateur is carrot cake and spiced apple cider, with none of the dirtiness that I find so appealing.  On me, however, it smells of French roast coffee, turpentine and cigarettes.  Exhibit A for the power of individual chemistry to transform perfume.

Perhaps my favorite thing about L'eau du Navigateur is its sense of adventure and discovery.  When I wear this perfume, I am compelled to move ahead as if smelling smoke and urgently looking for its source.  L'eau du Navigateur awakens something in me and promises the treasure will be worth the journey if I simply follow the signs along the way.  Like a star in the East.

To All, A Merry Christmas!

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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Tonight is a foggy London night.  Christmas lights on the deck enhance the Sherlock Holmes mood.

Courtesy of B-man.

Picture taken tonight from our deck

We Three Kings - Frankincense

After the somber and dowdy Lyric Woman, I was doubtful of Lyric Man's ability to excite me.  And this project begged for exciting perfumes.  

Not to worry, Holiday Magic was just around the corner.

Frankincense:  Lyric Man by Amouage

Lyric Man absolutely dances on my skin.  It lifts my spirits and makes me smile with its Jr. High girls locker room opening.  In spite of the whimsical top notes, the balsamic and piney essence of frankincense does lend weight and significance to the presence of Lyric Man.

But make no mistake about it, Lyric Man has a sense of humor.  Do any of you remember the hair gel of the 60's and 70's, Dippity Do?  Well, my nose does and, apparently, so does Lyric Man.  And while you might think that Lyric Man's incense would mirror that of a Catholic service, it actually brings to life the experience of a head shop. 

Once the base notes arrive, through champagne and laughter, the aroma of a freshly bathed infant fills the air.  Every mother on earth knows this smell of damp skin, brand new hair and sweet baby breath.  Lyric Man taps into these memories and calls forth the image of a newborn surrounded by love and wonder...and frankincense.

Coming up next:  Myrrh

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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Return of the Christmas Puppy

I like just a splash of color during the holidays
The hat's cute, but it's going to ruin my hair

Pictures taken by B-man

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

We Three Kings - Gold and the Number Three

Welcome to our joint blogging project, We Three Kings. 

In addition to the significance of the three Magi, the number three itself has personal meaning:

I was born on September 3rd.
My sisters and I make three.
B-man, JD and me.

To honor the magic of  #3, I will offer three thoughts for each perfume I review to represent gold, frankincense and myrrh. 

Who am I kidding?  

I don't actually 'review' perfume, but rather, I 'interpret' perfume according to the experience of my nose as it relates to the images and memories of my mind. 

Gold - White Aoud by Montale

White Aoud is the white gold of perfumes.  Its elegance is understated and challenging to pin down. White Aoud's invisible charm compels one to ask what, exactly, has changed the mood of the room?  Is it that holiday prankster vetiver?  Or did someone sneak a smoke in the bathroom?  

A chameleon, White Aoud adjusts to its environment, just as white gold morphs according to the light or accompanying jewels...or the time of day.  After shocking the crowd with a whiff of Bandaid, sandalwood and vanilla emerge to say 'just kidding' and offer their friendship.  White Aoud will stay for the entire party to claim its space without pushing anyone out of the way.

Like an exercise in deep breathing, White Aoud communicates that all is well through its calming sillage.  Saffron and oud remain partners throughout the journey while rose dances between them like a delighted child discovering her gifts on Christmas morning.  White Aoud is the gold fit for a king...or three.

Coming up next: Frankincense.

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Saturday, December 18, 2010

My Accidental Christmas Traditions

Tradition is not my thing.  In fact, I feel trapped by it and consider it another example of group-think.  

Any holiday discussion that includes, 'because that's how we've always done it' makes me want to run.

The problem with tradition is that it compels us do stuff again and again, like robots, without thinking.  Then, if we decide not to do it, say, because we dread it every year and it makes no sense whatsoever, we feel like the one who broke the chain letter.  

Bad, bad things could happen. 

But just because I'm dissing tradition, that doesn't mean there aren't a few things that I find myself doing year after year at Christmas time:

1)  Dithering about how to make Christmas meaningful.  Still hoping to figure this out one day.

2)  Angsting about whether or not to give gifts, and to whom.  Where does one draw the line?

3)  Buying perfume for myself.  This is always meaningful.

4)  Finding creative ways to decline private party invitations from my staff.

5)  Discussing with B-man the degree to which we will decorate the house.  Each year is different.

6)  Considering a Christmas Eve service - for nostalgia sake - then talking myself out of it.

7)  Making a double batch of my very own fudge recipe to give away.

8)  Eating fudge until I hate it and vow never to make it again.

9)  Going to my sister's house on Christmas night to drink wine, dance to Livin' La Vida Loca and celebrate together.

10)  Feeling grateful that another year will pass before the next Christmas rolls around.

What are your accidental Christmas traditions?

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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Christmas Letter Topics That Annoy Me

Please re-think the following topics in your Christmas letter:

1)  The Travelogue.  So you hiked through Yellowstone and then drove to Colorado and got a flat tire somewhere in Idaho then stayed with your brother in Wyoming and drove on down to see your wife's cousin who just recently came back from California where he.....blah...blah...blah.    Your single-spaced essay just robbed ten minutes of my life that I will never get back.

2)  Your Grandkids.  I'm certain that little Johnny and Sally are precious and fascinating.  But only to you.  When, exactly, did your own identity disappear? 

3)  House Remodel.  The new insulation in your home, which increased its efficiency, may be the highlight of your year.  But it doesn't belong in a Christmas letter. Neither does your renovated bathroom. 

4)  Religion/Politics.  I always knew you were conservative, but now I also know that gay people are just wrongedy wrong wrong.  Says so right there in the bible, plain as day.  You've stocked up on guns and ammunition this year to protect yourself from those socialist bastards.  And the Mexicans are ruining everything.  God bless America. 

5)  Your Perfect Life.  Your children are beautiful, brilliant and highly successful.  You are a pillar of strength in the community and you and your mate have never, ever had a fight.  You've traveled the world this year, never experienced something as pedestrian as a flat tire, and your home has always been immaculate...and insulated.  You hope that, somehow in my pitiful existence, I can find a fraction of the bliss that you enjoy every single day.

Your Christmas letter is more than welcome if it informs me (briefly, about You), entertains me or makes me laugh out loud.

Otherwise, a simple card would be lovely.

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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Ode to Vanille Tonka by Parfums de Nicolai

Root Beer Extract
Beef Jerky
Electric Train
Mineral Bath Salts
Kindergarten Clay
Guinness Irish Stout

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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Reindeer Couture

'Wow, I look hot'
'Can I wear these to bed?'

More "Pimp Your Christmas Doggy' photos to come.
Pictures of Paige my own

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Amouage Lyric Woman - A Bad Blind Date

Amouage Lyric Woman has been on my 'must sample' list for months.  Highly recommended, I had equally high hopes that it would fulfill my craving for dark rose perfumes.

I wait for the sample with great anticipation, practicing my twirling techniques to adequately prepare for what I know will be my New Perfume Love.

Finally, it arrives.

Gently, I open the package and then the sample and apply it on the back of my left hand, waiting for the magic to happen.  My first impression?  Extreme heaviness, sweetness and - don't throw things - old lady.

Not at all what I expected.

Normally, heavy, dark perfumes appeal to me (hello, Borneo), but Lyric's opening is decidedly off-putting.  

This perfume floods my brain with the image of a woman wearing a fur coat and lots of jewelry with blood red fingernails and her hair in an elaborate updo.  She stands too close, has slightly bad breath and calls everyone 'dahlink.'

I almost scrub.

After talking myself off the Ledge of Nasty Top Notes, I decide to wait, breathe and hope that something else happens.  Fortunately, it does.

But it takes a really long time.  And, in the end, it's not enough.  

Perhaps it's the cinnamon/ginger/spicy thing that ruins it for me.  Cinnamon in perfume is just wrong.  And it hurts my nose. Ylang-ylang?  Not a favorite, either.

At any stage, I don't love it.  Not even close.

My sample of Lyric Woman will be filed in the So Not Me box where it can enjoy a spot of tea with Tom Ford's Black Orchid.

Lyric Man, however, is a completely different story...

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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Seriously, Who Farted?

 Have you ever thought about the power of smell in your work environment?

Mid afternoon yesterday, as I am wrapping up a meeting with two colleagues in my office, I notice a foul odor.  

You know, the 'who farted?' smell.

I am flooded with thoughts of , 'which one of you slipped one out?'  'Did you really think I wouldn't notice?'  'Dude, fart in your own office.'

We end our meeting and I flip the reeds in my Saint Parfum 'Cut Hay' diffuser.  Now my office smells like cow shit on hay. 

Right about then, I hear a commotion outside my door. My staff is up in arms. 'What is that awful smell?'  'I can't focus!'  'I'm going to throw up!'  

My assistant contacts engineering and says, with her usual, understated tact,  'we have a strange odor that smells a little bit like sewage.'  

That's why I hired her. 

Apparently, the entire hospital has been invaded by the smell of a silent, greasy fart.

Don't act like you've never done it.

In spite of the awful smell, I'm fighting a deadline on a document so I do the same Mind Over Matter trick that I employ during potluck dinners and huge buffets, and continue working at my computer.  

But all I can do is imagine broken pipes creating rivers of raw sewage floating above me, just waiting to drip through my ceiling tiles onto my head, my computer and everything else in my office.

So I mingle with my staff instead, trying to calm them, acting like it's no big deal.

After about an hour, the odor begins to subside and we all return to our work.

Come to find out, it isn't sewage that is causing the smell.  Apparently, the grease from our cafeteria is stored in a huge underground bin behind the hospital.  Yearly, the bin is opened and cleaned out.  The cold air forces the smell of this year-old substance down into our air vents and throughout the hospital.

If only it had been as simple as a fart. 

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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Why Do You Celebrate Christmas If You're Not Religious?

I'm not a religious person.

Neither am I anti- religion.  In fact, I borrow from a variety of beliefs all the time, as it suits me.

But anything that smells like group-think makes me crazy.  And the thought of adopting one set of beliefs for the rest of my life - without the option of changing my mind - makes me even crazier.

So I float.

Try explaining the floating theory to a deeply religious person.

Seriously, if you ever get bored.

More than once, I've been asked why I celebrate Christmas if I'm not a Christian.  I find this question curious and somewhat arrogant.  Perhaps that's because it is always asked by Christians, in a tone that says, 'either join our ranks or stop crashing our party, you poseur hypocrite.'

Actually, I will answer that question, religious person, if you will explain your glee over Halloween. Why do you create a pretend cemetery in your yard (complete with bones protruding from the ground), and paint a fake bullet hole on your 5-year-old's forehead before going out and bugging the living hell out of your neighbors?

Oh, I see.  That's all in fun.

Do Not get me started on Halloween.

The truth is, I'm not sure what Christmas means to me.  At 51 years old, I still haven't figured this out.  

Sure, I have childhood memories - lovely memories - but, as an adult, I'm a bit lost when it comes to Christmas.  Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday.

Thanksgiving makes sense.

Christmas?  Not so much. 

Of course, I can understand celebrating the baby Jesus, but when you add cranky shoppers, Santa Claus (the ongoing lie of which has always been a WTF issue for me) over-the-top decorations and Salvation Army bell ringers, it gets a little weird. 

Throw in the family party where everyone gets drunk and fights, or the family party where everyone fights, and just wishes they were drunk, and you have one Merry-ass Christmas.

Nevertheless, every year I try to reinvent Christmas, hoping I will Finally Get It Right.  And every year, as it gets closer, I feel anxious and overwhelmed.  Somehow, I manage to stumble through it, and occasionally, I even enjoy myself. 

While it's true that, as a  'floater,' I may not have the validation of religion to back me, I will continue to celebrate my own, clumsy version of Christmas every year.  Why?

Simply because I can.

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Monday, December 6, 2010

Ode to Bvlgari Black

 Hot Windy Day
New Shower Curtain
Coconut Milk
Bicycle Inner Tube
Fresh Asphalt
Gingerbread Man
Construction Paper

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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Fashion Tips From Baby sis

Hi, it's Baby sis. 

As Josephine says, I love fashion!  More than half of my adult life has been spent in every aspect of retail.  Currently, I work in visual merchandising, which gives me the opportunity to see all kinds of fashion violations.  I see women who try too hard, women who need to try harder and those who think that they are pulling off great fashion but have missed the mark horribly.  

On occasion, I see women who look fantastic.

Here are some fashion basics I have learned that I hope will help everyone:

Challenge some of your fashion “rules.” 

Look at fashion magazines - I learn a lot there!  Here's the deal: you can wear almost any color if you select the right shade for your skin tone.  And yes, trends come and go but the classics live forever.  Therefore, be sure to build a wardrobe with a solid foundation of classics.  For example, a white button down shirt, a basic black skirt or trouser, a go-to blazer…you get the idea. 

Don’t get all hung up on size. 

It makes me sad when I see women attach their self-esteem to that number inside their clothes.  Fabric is typically cut in huge stacks and sometimes the variances in different runs of the same garment can be up to half an inch or more.  If you had any idea the VAST difference in sizes, you would realize how ridiculous this is.  Also the difference between the sizing from one manufacturer to another can be significant.  Use size as a guide and get over the number - it can make all the difference in your shopping experience!  Cut out the tag when you get home if you need to.  Who gives a shit what the size says if it fits you well? 

Pony up the dough for a NICE bra and some shapewear.
I cannot stress enough the importance of a properly fitting bra and a little shapewear.  Realize that most of us over the age of 20-something have that little belly pooch we are always trying to hide.  Yes, even celebrities.  Really nice shapewear can be pricey so keep in mind that you can also get such things at discount retailers like Target and Kmart.  They do the trick for a bit less cash.  However, a bra fitting is a must.  This is the place to make an investment. 

Select a well-fitting pair of trousers or jeans

Women of ANY age or size can look great in jeans if you take the time to select a fit that flatters your shape.  We live in a wonderful age where jean manufacturers have realized the beauty of Spandex and contouring in jean design.  The retailer I work for offers several fits of jeans.  One requirement upon my employment was to try on every single fit they have (smart!).  I am a curvy girl and there are really only two cuts that flatter my shape, so I stick to them. 

A word about skinny jeans.

Yes, they are trendy right now.  While the sucked-to-your-leg-all-the-way-down look really needs to be reserved for the tall and slender, I have found some straight leg cuts with ample room in the ass and leg that give me the same silhouette as a skinny jean and they are much more flattering.  If you are heavier in the middle, stick to a wider leg or boot cut trouser.  Also make sure your pants are long enough.  I see women all the time who almost have a look pulled together and then their pants are too short.  This creates problems as it “cuts you in half,” making you look shorter and your legs look heavier.  Get them as close to the ground without touching as you can, and wear a shoe the same color as your pants.  This gives you a longer, leaner look.  Ask questions when you go shopping about various cuts and don't be afraid to try on 5 pairs to find the right one. 

I hope these basics help and if anyone has a specific question, I will be happy to respond via Josephine.  It's an honor to be a guest blogger and let me just say that whatever I have done for Josephine's fashion, she has done for me with perfume. 
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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Flirting Guidelines & Perfumes That Flirt

Elisa, over at The French Exit, got me thinking about flirting. 

Personally, I see flirting as an intellectual sport that one must practice regularly to be proficient.

B-man and I encourage each other to flirt at every opportunity. This keeps us in shape to flirt with each other.  Sometimes, though, I have to let B-man know that he is being flirted with, because he assumes everyone is just friendly, like him. 

Actually, I enjoy flirting with both men and women.  While sexy, it is neither physical nor romantic. In other words, flirting itself is not a means to an end or a bridge to the next step.

Flirting is a stimulating brain romp with someone you find attractive. 

Josephine's Guidelines For Successful Flirting

1.  Play It Cool.  This is of utmost importance.  One must take the time to read human behavior, such as the flirtee's style and humor and method of interacting.  Jumping in too soon has the feel of desperation and increases your chances of failure.  A certain amount of reserve is very powerful...and magnetic.

2.  Say one provocative thing.  All you want to do here is pique the flirtee's interest in a way that no one else has.  This may be through humor or offering a counter opinion to the subject matter at hand.  It may also be a random reflection on something you heard the flirtee say.  If you have observed properly, you will know what this is and when to step in. 

3.  Smell Really Good.  You want to create a trail of sillage everywhere you go without overpowering the room.  Your flirtee will be drawn to you without realizing it's because you smell so damn good.  The right perfume, at the right time, will speak volumes.

4.  Make eye contact.  Listen as if everything your flirtee says is fascinating.  Use a small nod, smile or head cock when they say something you really like.  But keep your gestures subtle and maintain private physical space.  There is no touching.

5.  Ask a question, or make a comment, that takes the conversation where you want it to go.  Again, this works best if it is connected to something the flirtee has already said.  For example, 'what's your theory on that?' or  'what you said made me wonder if...' will invite discussion and allow you to reveal a bit more about yourself.  But just a bit.

6.  Food and wine are both sexy - make the most of it.  Ask your flirtee if they have tried one of the hors d' oeuvres or make a comment about the aperitif.  This will open the door for entertaining conversation.

7.  Find opportunities to be self-deprecating.  Only confident people can do this.  And confidence is very important to the successful flirting encounter.  Let your flirtee discover that you are smart, funny and interesting on his or her own. Show them, don't tell them.

8.  Make sure your flirtee observes you in animated conversation with others.  Do this after you have made a connection.   He or she will spend the entire event gravitating to where you are.  Flirting satisfaction depends partially upon who is being pursued.  That should be you.

9.  If you are in a committed relationship, mention your partner occasionally and positively.  This creates safety and freedom in flirting.  Knowing you are loved well by another makes you that much more appealing.  If your flirtee's partner happens to be attending the event, introduce yourself openly and graciously to diffuse potential jealousy. 

10.  End the encounter with warmth and finality.  Let the flirtee know how much they have contributed to your experience.  Do not exchange contact information.  Do not walk them outside.  Leave them only with the enigmatic memory of you.  Maybe you'll see them again, maybe you won't.  That's so not the point.

Ten Perfumes That Flirt For You:

10 Corso Como
Agent Provocateur
Ambre Sultan
Burberry Brit
Jean-Paul Gaultier Classique
Kenzo L'Elephant
White Aoud

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