Monday, May 20, 2013

Muscs Koublai Khan: It's Dirty, Man

Yesterday, B-man and I went hunting and gathering for frivolous stuff - it's one way we play on Sunday afternoons. On these day dates, B-man often wears one of my perfumes to experiment with different scents, so I put out Serge Lutens' Muscs Koublai Khan (MKK) for him to try.  This seemed to compliment my Bond no. 9 sample of I Love New York, the gourmand in the black bottle.

When we first get in the car, I'm all, 'did you put it on?  I can't smell it.'  B-man says, 'Yeah, I sprayed it just like I do the others.'  I press my nose to his neck.  'Okay, there it is, just barely.'

But the monster grows.

As we shop together, I keep smelling what I think is classic dirty hair and unwashed neck.  It's B-man.  Dirty and unwashed is the anti-B-man.  He's always immaculate. 

MKK is gagging me.

Me:  Um...the perfume you're wearing?  I had no idea it smelled so dirty.

B-man:  Oh, really?  I thought that as soon as I put it on - I figured you knew.

Me:  Yeah, it's kind of nasty.  I don't think I like it on you.

B-man:  Great, I stink.

Me:  Well, you don't stink, exactly, you just smell unwashed.

B-man:  Does it smell this way on you?

Me:  Oh god, I hope not.  Sorry.  Love you.

B-man:  Because smells are really different on both of us.

Me:  True, but I'm not sure I want to risk wearing it again.

B-man:  Lots of guys stink, so I'll fit right in.

Me:  I'm sure you're thrilled about that.

B-man:  So I guess no one's going to flirt with me in the produce section.

Later, as we're cooking dinner together:

B-man: Hey, I just caught a whiff of MKK and it smells better to me now.

Me:  (Sniffing his neck) Yeah, it does, less BO, more musk.

B-man:  Great - I'll just put it on 5 hours before I go out in public.

MKK, you dirty little thing, you.

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  1. Great post, as usual. Cracked me up xD I don't think I would wear a fragrance that would smell like BO... yuck!

    1. Hey Gil - a little BO is okay in perfume, but MKK is a bit over the top...which is exactly the reason I own it...until I realized what it smells like on someone else. Glad you enjoyed the post!



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