Monday, November 1, 2010

Eeyore in Gris Clair

This morning, I was all, 'Hey, Everybody, Happy November 1st!'  

My usual, annoyingly peppy morning self. 

But tonight, I've become Eeyore and I can't really figure out why.  Well, there are things; work things, family things, indecision, irritation, too many snacks, wardrobe disgust, bad know, stuff.

Low grade, work-your-last-nerve stuff.

Scent of the Day is Serge Luten's Gris Clair.  Today, I wore the color lavender and, because I forgot to choose perfume before my shower - and apparently there was no further creativity - I wore a lavender perfume.  

Whatever.  It was fine.  Who cares.  Ho Hum.

Eeyore is lavender.  Jeez.

I can't help but wonder, at a time like this, what 
would Pooh do?

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  1. Pooh would love Eeyore for himself.

    And he might stage an intervention and take away Eeyore's Gris Clair... because that is a truly nasty fragrance which would put anyone at all into a funk. ;)

    Actually, I love Eeyore because he doesn't pretend to be cheerful when he's not, and because he's proof that life isn't all hunny and bounces. Sometimes it really is thistles.

    I myself am currently annoyed because of all these work/family/house things that keep popping up out of the frakin' blue. I mean, it's not as if nobody knew I was planning to do NaNoWriMo and spend all my November free time working on my novel... they just don't care. Curse them. I didn't type a single word yesterday, and probably won't get time today, and when I DO eventually get time, I will be so far behind I might as well not start... grrrrrrr.

    OTOH, the One-scent, one-week challenge at the Posse seems to be helping me out. My darling vintage Emeraude is lovely. And calming. And not boring.

  2. Honey! That's what Pooh would do!

  3. You know what Pooh would do? Pooh would stick his head in a bell-jar of Miel de Bois.

    Still feeling Eeyore-ish? Tis the season darkness falling so early in the evening...

  4. Hi Muse - I actually love Gris Clair on a normal day and no one should ever read Wuthering Heights without wearing it.

    You will never Get time to write your novel, you must Take it.

    Vintage Emeraude... interesting choice. Ironic how one person's 'lovely' is another's 'truly nasty.'

  5. Hi Geordan - good to see you! Yes, I believe you're right about Pooh - I will keep that in mind!

  6. JoanElaine - I love your suggestion! I actually love this time of year, but, with the holidays coming, a lot is going on. And a lot of painful memories of my mother come to mind.

    Thanks for your comment.



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