Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Borneo 1834 - My Holy Grail

Only a few perfumes have won my heart the moment they touched my skin; Tea for Two, Sycomore, Jardin en Mediterranee and Ambre Sultan.  

Then, there's Borneo.

Patchouli and I go way back to the small, square bottle of Spiritual Sky.  My dad hated the smell when I was a teenager and we began a cat-and-mouse game of him finding the bottle and dramatically throwing it out, then me buying another and wearing the oil defiantly.  I knew even then that patchouli provoked strong reactions in others and I liked that.

Fast forward to last year, right before Christmas. B-man and I went to Seattle for a little getaway. After becoming bored with perfume shopping at Nordstrom and Barney's, I found Borneo at Essenza in Freemont. The moment I smelled it out of the bottle, I fell in love. On my skin, I can only describe it as Perfume Porn.

It's not just the patchouli and dark chocolate foreplay that draws me to Borneo.  Nor is it simply the smoldering wood and black licorice scent of a one night stand.  No... it's that roast beef drydown that just gives me chills.  Sometimes, I call B-man in the middle of the day to say, "no one has ever smelled better than me."

Borneo plays with my senses - all day -telling a story of love, darkness and pleasure on my skin.


  1. I loved Spiritual Sky's patchouli!

  2. Hi and welcome! I always loved it, too, to the dismay of my father and others. How could anyone hate patchouli?

  3. Borneo 1834 is the queen of all smells. It's my HG too!

  4. Hi and thanks for the comment! All hail Borneo!



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