Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Perfume in Dallas: Good News and Bad News

Dallas...hmmm. It's flat and kind of murky and, well, it's Dallas.  No offense to anyone who lives here or loves it, but it's not one of those cities that make me say, 'let's go back!'

But, BUT, my hotel room is stocked with toiletries from Le Labo in the scent guessed it...Rose 31.  Shampoo, conditioner, body lotion and soap.  Heaven!  Of course, I tossed all the good Rose 31 stuff in my make-up bag to bring home and I will use my B&BW stuff while I'm here.

That's the good news.  The high point of perfume.

During a break in the conference this afternoon, feeling cooped up and stir crazy, I walk five city blocks to Nieman Marcus for a little sniffing. Is it just me, or is this store globally annoying?  Last time I visited a NM, I was in downtown Minneapolis, and I swear they molecular transported the same employees with their same attitudes to Dallas, just for me.

Her (looking me up and down suspiciously): Can I help you?

Me:  Actually, I'm just checking to see what lines you carry here.

Her:  What kind of perfume are you looking for?

Me:  If you don't mind, I'd like to browse on my own for a bit and I'll let you know if I have any questions.

Her: Yeah, sure.

Me: Could I get some paper strips?

Her:  Uh-huh (she gave me ONE).

Me (in my head):  This is deja vu.

Her:  You smell the new Angel?  We just got it in and when it's gone, we won't get more.

Me (in my head):  Freaking Angel is all you have to offer?

Me (out loud):  Yes, I've tried the Aqua Chic.

Them:  The new Alien, too?

Me (in my head):  Good Lord.

Me (out loud):  Yup, tried 'em both.

Them:  What kind of perfume do you like?

Me (in my head):  Kill. Me. Now.

Me (out loud): Thanks for your help.

By the time I get back to the hotel in my strappy sandals, the bottom of my feet are burning and Inner Critic is worn out from giving me the 'what did you think was gonna happen' speech.

Never mind, I got my Rose 31.

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  1. I used to work in a store and I was told to nag customers. But really, I hate it when they talk to me and so does everyone I know.

    What kind of hotel gives you Le Labo?

    1. Hi Joan - I don't mind a SA checking with me if they ask questions that aren't annoying. For example, at Nordstrom lately, a guy followed me around and ended up being quite helpful. He asked things like, 'can I steer you toward any type of perfume?' and 'is there something specific you're looking for right now?' He brought me samples and respected that I wanted to sniff on my own, but he stayed nearby just in case I had questions. That's fine. It's the type of help one receives that makes all the difference.

      I'm staying at the Fairmont in downtown Dallas...I had the same thought as you about Le Labo.

    2. Sweet! If I ever go to Dallas, that's where I'll be.

  2. I recently visited a Sears store here in Canada and had a similar experience. There I was, casually and harmlessly looking at all the bottles, when a sales lady approached me. She had the audacity to ask 'How old is she?', automatically jumping to conclusions that just because I am a guy I cannot purchase a perfume marketed towards women. I decided to play along - who knows, maybe I'd learn something! She proceeded to show me every single celebrity perfume they had ("This Nicki Minaj one is really nice!" "Taylor Swift's new one is great!"), and then took me (obviously) to the Marc Jacobs table. Needlessly to say, I didn't learn a thing. But wait! Another sales lady approached us and together they CONTINUED to try to get me to buy one of those ridiculous scents. Only after they had shown me around the entire perfume department did they ask: "What's your price range? Is $120 alright?" At which point I thanked them kindly and ran for my life. Sheesh!

    1. Gil - great story! So glad I'm not alone in the 'please don't annoy me to death' category. Yes, I can imagine you get all sorts of comments when shopping for perfume, especially in the women's section (those distinctions are bogus, anyway). I'm always amazed at how little perfume SAs actually know about perfume. You'd think they would do a little research, but they seem less informed than the average person off the street. I relate to the 'running for my life' feeling. Good to hear from you!

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