Thursday, June 17, 2010

Rose 31 - My Inner Badass

After yesterday's Aoud Queen Rose by Montale, a stale, cardboard infused, chypre wannabe (which kind of worked for me), we now leap to Le Labo's Rose 31. 

There's no other way to say this:  Rose 31 taunts my inner Badass. 

Suddenly, I want to smoke cigarettes, shoplift and sneak up behind B-man in the middle of the day to pants him, just for the hell of it.  In fact, I have to almost sit on my hands until the cumin & carnival top notes subside because they make me crazy.

Twenty minutes later, when it's safe to come out of the padded room, Rose 31 has changed to a tossed arugula salad with tarragon and celery.  Luca Turin describes Rose 31 as 'not rose.'  Some people have no imagination.  

Is it rosy?

Let's put it this way:  If you can fantasize basenotes of roses (stems and leaves attached) scattered over sweaty bodies lying in the sun on an ocean beach, then yes. 

Hopefully, the thorns have been removed.

Coming up...Friday's rose.


  1. Josephine, you've made me want to wear Rose 31 today. I've had trouble with it in the past; hasn't worked well on my skin, but I'll give it another go.

  2. LOL re: pantsing the B-man!

    I wrote "clean but distant" when I sniffed this - I definitely have to try it again!

  3. Michael, I will be interested to know how Rose 31 worked for you this time. Let me know!

  4. Miss Frida - thanks for your comment! 'Clean but distant.' I get that.

  5. Josephine I did wear this on Friday and am glad to report I found it much more interesting than before. I think possibly this has something to do with wearing it in summer rather than winter, which I did before. The cumin was far more prominent on my skin this time and I actually like cumin as a note quite a lot, so I wasn't complaining. The only down side is that the vial slipped out of my fingers after applying and the rest of my sample is in perfume heaven now. Must say that the bathroom smelled divine though!

  6. Michael, I'm glad you tried Rose 31 again with better luck. It does seem more suited to warm weather, actually. Enjoy your 'perfume heaven' bathroom while it lasts!



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