Saturday, June 12, 2010

Cabaret - Raspberry Incense

Cabaret by Gres is an interesting little jewel.  Upon first spritz, it reminds me of Red Door Velvet, which I wore on vacation once and had to walk back to our hotel room after breakfast to shower it off before I could go on with the day. 

For awhile, I thought Cabaret might be a repeat of that experience, like getting sick-drunk on Seagrams 7 and Coke as a teenager and never being able to drink anything that even smells like whiskey ever, ever again.  


Not to worry.  After the initial similarities, Cabaret takes a very different path than RDV with more rose, squeaky clean Dial soap goodness and a final drydown of raspberry incense.  Cabaret is sleek and fresh, exuding cool sexiness with moderate sillage.  I can imagine it smelling wonderful on B-man, too.


  1. I heard about this from my friend, who really liked it; your positive review make me want to find it and smell it soon!

  2. I was pleasantly surprised and found it to be something like 'Black Aoud Lite.' In fact, I wore it today with a jacket that still carried Black Aoud from last weekend. They pair nicely together! Will consider layering in the future.

  3. (Raspberries?? Huh.)

    I love a good woody-incense rose like Amouage Lyric, and keep finding nice inexpensive substitutes like Clarins Par Amour and Cabaret so I can save my precious decant of Lyric for Special Occasions. What distinguishes Cabaret, for me, is that bouncy, pillowy musk.

  4. Lovely description - it's so nice when a perfume defies your worst expectations and turns out to be something good. I had a similar experience with Flirt! today - was expecting a gasper - but it turned out to be pretty okay.

  5. Hi Mals86! I have not yet tried Amouage Lyric, but want to soon as multiple sources have said it is divine. Bouncy, pillowy that.

  6. MPL - hi! You're right, it is nice when a perfume is a pleasant surprise, especially after a questionable top note. I like Cabaret more each time I wear it.



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