Friday, June 18, 2010

A Rose Worth Knowing

Today's rose is Estee Lauder's Knowing.  Sweet perfumes just aren't my thing, so the rose-woody-chypre structure of Knowing is a perfect way to end the week.

The top notes of Knowing evoke the memory of roses received for the prom, for an anniversary or because your husband cheated.  (B-man knows that if he gives me roses, rather than my favorite cheese, it will just piss me off.)

Knowing changes dramatically after about 10 minutes, smelling like a completely different perfume.  Dark, intelligent and seriously enigmatic.   My IQ jumps at least fifteen points.

But the real magic happens at the two hour mark. Knowing hits its stride with bitter oakmoss, not yet opened roses and green, wet woods.  I cannnot stop smelling myself, first one wrist and then the other, just to make sure it is equally bewitching on each. 

So what if I'm driving. 

Perhaps best of all - bonus! - Knowing is a gender bender.  Usually I'm willing to share, but B-man isn't getting this one, especially if he's going to bogart the Yatagan.

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