Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Bird Dog Nose Gone Bad

My nose is always sensitive.  That's a given.

But yesterday, my sense of smell was bionic - distorted, really - in its intensity.

First, I applied Gris Clair by Serge Lutens as my Scent of the Day.  This is a perfume that I love with notes of lavender, sage and wet concrete.  Yesterday, though, I experienced it as screechy and bitter. 

In an attempt to tone it down, I added a spritz of 'Dirt' by Demeter.  This worked, but I was hyper aware of my perfume all day.

Later on, I attended a lunch meeting for about 20 people.  Our menu included boxed salads, rolls and various dessert items.  The following scents were swirling through the air:

)  Unwashed hair
)  Halls cherry flavored cough drops
)  Day old lettuce
)  Sliced meat
)  Metal back chairs

The combined assault of these smells prevented me from eating my lunch, even though I was damn hungry.  I poured a diet Dr. Pepper into a Styrofoam cup early in the meeting, but the smell of the soft drink and the cup, each time I took a sip, was simply overwhelming.

My surroundings had become aromatically intolerable.

What caused this hypersensitivity?  I have no idea.  

Today, I'm back to my regular old bird dog nose.

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  1. Josephine, having been ill recently and quite senstive to smell,I can understand where you're coming from. The only smell you mention that turns my stomach is that of unwashed hair. Yuck!

  2. I read somewhere recently that a woman's sense of smell can become heightened as a result of hormone fluctuations.

    This week, I've noticed my sense of smell has become quite sharp, and I'm also really cranky, so perhaps it's true...

  3. I was going to suggest ye olde hormones too!

  4. Michael, I hope you're feeling better! Yes, unwashed hair can be very unappetizing. I did manage to come back to normal a bit by evening.

  5. JoanElaine - I know in my heart that you're right, but I was living in hormone denial for as long as possible! From now on, I will pay closer attention and perhaps I will be able to see it coming next time.

  6. Hi Vanessa - I think you're onto something! Amazing that didn't dawn on me at the time. Denial ain't just a river...

  7. OMG - I'm glad to have stumbled across this post while googling birddogs. I have always had a strong sense of smell, so I sympathize with your difficulties! Now that I'm middle-aged, it has indeed gotten worse... which my family hates because I cannot deal with so many pet-related things! I'm sure you understand. I guess I'm writing to let you know you're not alone. All the things you list are some of my most unpleasant smelling experiences. Yuck.

  8. Helen, hello and thanks for stopping by! How nice to meet a fellow sensitive nose. Yes, I do understand that sometimes the smells of life can be simply overwhelming - I'm a bit high maintenance when it comes to aroma.

    By the way, I browsed through your blog and found it delightful! You have inspired me already to spend more time outside and appreciate the beauty around me.

    Happy New Year!



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