Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Bogarting My Favorite Perfumes

Do you ever bogart perfume?

I do it all the time, especially when it involves a perfume that was formulated for me alone.  And, honestly, there are quite a few.

My current stinginess revolves around Montale's Black Aoud.   I don't talk about it, I don't share decants, and I hid it out of sight on Thanksgiving, certain it would be discovered - and bogarted - by someone else.

That bitch is mine.

Writing about Black Aoud in any meaningful way is impossible because there is no language of rapture to describe it. 

Well, except for Holy Flurgarten Maflurgen Grenlata.

If you don't know what that means, just stay there in the corner with your Love's Baby Soft.  

Not that there's anything wrong with that.

How magical is it that the stars aligned as Pierre added that last little somethin' somethin' to Black Aoud for reasons he just could not explain?

Hello, it was for me.  For me, damn it.

No one else wears Black Aoud until I say so.


Picture from parfumneroli.com


  1. Josephine, have you tried many other Montales? Just wondering if any others float your boat as much as Black Oud does? Cuir d'Arabie does that to me for some reason. Can't explain it, just like you....

  2. Hi BF - Yeah, I'm really scary, huh? Okay, you can wear it. But no one else...

  3. Hi Michael - yes, I have tried quite a few other Montales. I like White Aoud, too, even though it's completely different from Black Aoud. Cuir d'Arabie was a bit of a disappointment on me - just didn't quite do what I hoped. Glad you love it, though.

  4. Hi MPL - you should try Black Aoud if you haven't yet. You may fall in love, too!



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