Sunday, January 22, 2012

Saturday Night Ritual

B-man and Paige waiting to bring in food from the grill

Saturday nights at home - which almost always trump going out - look like this: 

First, we light up the whole house to create the ambiance of entertaining (lamps and candles included).  Then, we select music to match our mood.  Wine is uncorked and the cooking begins.

Throughout this process, we share intense bursts of conversation, followed by interludes of silence. Our laptops are available for quick check-ins, and we wander downstairs regularly to look up a basketball score or watch part of a tennis match together.

Last night,  B-man grilled salmon and shrimp as I made fresh tomato soup and roasted veggies.  

Of course, Paige helped.

Outside, it was snowing.

Photo my own


  1. This essay is lovely. Love the last line! Look at Paige discreeting folding her paw, as she gazes at the camera. Great photo!

  2. Hi Taffy - thanks so much for your comment! I couldn't resist taking the picture, and Paige didn't move a muscle. She's always ready for her close-up.



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