Saturday, March 10, 2012

Still In Search Of The Perfect Perfume

So I just finished the first week of my new job - I'm going to love it.  Until now, I've never had a downtown job where I could walk out of my office building and step onto a sidewalk with other corporate types, also dressed in gray and black.

Leave me alone, I wore a scarf one day.

No matter what, I find a little time to walk every day, watch people and enjoy the sites.  Remember the Mary Tyler Moore show from the 70's where she throws her hat in the air to the theme song lyrics of  'you're going to make it after all?'  (I know, how f-ing old am I, right?)  Well, that's how I felt this week.

In my initial search for a new work perfume, I tried Prada Infusion D'iris and found it 'too girly, with a dry down of Aqua Net,' to quote an earlier post.  But, hello, that was the eau de parfum.  The eau de toilette is a whole different deal.  Still feminine, but more sophisticated and without the hairspray vibe.  That was to be my new work perfume and it was delivered to my home on Monday.  Decision made.  Done deal.  You can take that to the bank.

Then I had second thoughts. 

Sur le Nil by Hermes emerged in my mind as the perfume I should have repurchased as my new work scent.  Luckily, I have a sample of Sur le Nil and decided to re-sniff just to be sure.  It's a little more masculine than I remember, not that I have anything against wearing masculine scents (Yatagan and I go way back).  And Sur le Nil might suit me well, since B-man described my walk as 'cosmopolitan gangster' when we were out with Paige this morning. 

No respectable gangster would be caught dead in Prada.

Today, I'm convinced that the perfect perfume will always remain one step out of reach, and I will forever want something slightly different than the one I just ordered.  But I'm okay with that because the ongoing search for perfection is what keeps me in the game.  My perfect perfume is just around the corner. 

Come back on Monday for Igniting Your Career: Secret #2

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  1. Don't stop searching for the perfect perfume that you really like. ;) Hope you will find soon.
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  2. To me, the perfect perfume fits all moods, and I haven't found one that does that yet. I grab for Cuir de Russie eau de toilette a lot though.



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