Thursday, March 15, 2012

Random Comments In The Park

Across the street from my office is our city's version of Central Park.  I go there almost every day.  My work has ramped up considerably this week, and I am starting to understand what my role means in terms of scope and volume.  Today, wanting to slow down and relax  for a minute, I find myself mesmerized by the conversations of passers-by as I sit on a bench in the park.

'For some couples, if they don't have a baby, they drift apart.'
'I thought of wearing a white shirt, but decided to wear a sweater over my shirt, too.'
'I want to buy everything that fits.'
'Sorry I couldn't answer the phone, but we were watching a movie..there were only eight of us in the theater.'
'It's fun when parties are outside because you get to talk to people, but when it's freezing, no one wants to talk.'
'Are we walking too fast for you? 
'I'm selling pot holders for $10 and scarves for $25, but if you can't afford the $10 or $25...'
'Thanks for waiting for me.'
'And that used to be the library right there.'

I feel invisible sitting among the crowd with my sunglasses, my water bottle and the sillage of Bvlgari's Rose Essentielle pacifying Daphne like a binky.

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  1. Are you back on the Bvlgari? I thought you had done a 180 in the reverse direction recently?

    I have a big decant of this myself and can't seem to make up my mind about it!

  2. Vanessa, I have flip-flopped. Remind me never to go into politics. After I hadn't worn it for awhile, I thought Rose Essentielle was too sweet and pedestrian. Now, that I've researched - and purchased - new work perfumes(s), I've decided it's as good as anything else, although I'm not so in love with it as I was in the past. Currently, I'm going with the flow, whatever that looks like, and trying not to ridicule Daphne too much in the process. Always great to hear from you.

  3. I am a card-carrying flip-flopper too, so I feel your pain! I'll keep you in the loop regarding any extreme responses on my side to Rose Essentielle in future...



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