Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Sycomore Still Almost Makes Me Cry

Last fall, I boxed up my perfumes in their original packaging and placed them in a larger box for storage.  Apparently, I needed to clear some space to begin dabbling in making perfumes myself.

Which I'll return to any day now.

Well, the good new is, they're back, and I have resumed playing regularly with my perfumes.  Explaining this would be embarrassing to anyone but you fellow perfume geeks.  Don't even act like you don't know what I mean: sniffing each bottle, one-by-one, then pondering which perfumes might work well blended.  Swooning and remembering lost loves that haven't been worn for a long time, but have waited patiently for me to come back to say hello.

Tonight after work, I stopped at Ulta for a 'clearance rack extravaganza,' then came home and had fun putting away all of my loot; lotion, make-up, nail polish and various other unneeded items.  Soon after, I found myself engaged in full-on perfume play.  After sniffing multiple darlings, I reached for Chanel's Sycomore.

Dear God, what an aromatic masterpiece. 

I almost cried.

And you know exactly what I'm talking about, don't you?

image from nathanbranch.com


  1. All I know is that I want to smell it now! It is from Chanel in Paris (yippee) and I trust your nose more than another other!

    Love your passion for all things smelly and can't wait to sample Sycamore!

  2. Can't even spell it right, but still want to smell! Ha Ha

  3. Hey Mermaid - Sycomore is among my top five for sure. And it's different than you might expect; woody and smoky and...green. The first time I smelled Sycomore in Seattle was an OMG moment, and that's what happened the other day when I sniffed it again. Excited for you to experience it, too, now that you're all freshly French. Next time we're together, Sycomore will be there.



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