Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Ineke for Anthropologie...Channeling The Gap

Today, after jonesing for Ineke's line of perfumes for Anthropologie, I walk to our newly opened store less than 100 yards from my office.  Assuming they moved so close to me because they were the Next Great Thing (I think everything is a sign from God), I have to check them out.

Irritation #1:  There are no paper strips on which to spray the perfume.  WTF?  I go to the front desk and ask for paper strips and they give me some bogus paper sleeves that carry...who knows what?  A gift card?  Eyeliner?  Thong panties?  So I rip them into strips and realized they smell like ass before anything is sprayed on them. 

Irritation #2: They all smell like wet ass when sprayed on my ripped up paper strips.

Irritation #3:  I have no choice but to try Angel's Trupet and Poet's Jasmine on my skin, as I'm convinced those two perfumes will change my life once they hit my chemistry.

Irritation #4:  Am I in The Gap?  Both perfumes smell cheap for different reasons.  Angel's Trumpet is screechy in that 'notice me because I'm fresh' sort of way, and Poet's Jasmine smells like Swiffer sheets.

Irritation #5: Poet's Jasmine is kind enough to wash off quickly, but Angel's Trumpet sticks to my skin like flies on you-know-what.  I am hoping it will improve over time, but it doesn't.

I forget how many mediocre, cheap smelling new releases keep popping up everywhere.  But I didn't expect that from Ineke. 

Image from fragrantica.com


  1. Yeah, I didn't dig on these either. In general the perfumes that Anthropologie carries are a snooze.

    1. Total snooze. I haven't yet tried their perfumes 'from the makers of Le Labo' because there are no scent strips. Are we expected to spray the perfumes in the air then run to sniff them, or do they expect us to spray each of their 20-ish perfumes on our skin and reek for the rest of the day? This degree of cluelessness bugs me - especially when the solution is so simple.

  2. I didn't care for any of the Anthropologie Ineke's but I really like her new one, Hothouse Flower, a very pretty green gardenia. I think that one is only available through her website, though. Perfumes that she sells through Anthropologie seem to be made to cheaper formulas- her own through her website seem to be more complex and with better materials.

    1. Hi Marla - I agree with you that Ineke's own perfumes (previous to Anthropologie's at least) are formulated much better. Haven't tried Hothouse Flower, although your description is intriguing.



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