Sunday, October 14, 2012

Landscaping - The Space Between

We're in the middle of re-landscaping our yard.  It will be done in two weeks, and a full crew has been here every day (even Saturdays) for the past two weeks.  We're excited to see the results, but right now, this is our life:

I'm having a hard time wrapping my mind around how everything will come together, but B-man is confident, and he reassures me often that we are simply in a process and the end is in sight. 

He's such a Libra.

Photos my own


  1. Nice post. Its an art in itself to managing landscaping work in a way that every body appreciate and like it and set an example to others. Very encouraging post. Thanks for sharing.
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  2. Hi Kenzie - yes, it is quite a process, and thank goodness we had a landscape architect design the plan. Too overwhelming otherwise. Well, more overwhelming than it already is...

  3. Nice blog. The art of simplicity is one of the best elements to learn! Begin with simple plans, perhaps just a few colored plants with little decor. You'll be able to add more as you learn. Color is an element that adds dimension and interest to your garden.

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