Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Men Who Smell

I work in a pediatric hospital where strong perfume is discouraged, which is understandable.  Still, since I don't do direct patient care, I wear perfume every day while using a light hand in application.

Mostly.  Bite me.

To date, there is only one man I've encountered in my organization who wears a scent.  In a sea of similarly groomed men, he stands out.

To men everywhere:  Smelling good matters!  It's that finishing touch to your morning routine, the thing that sets you apart from the boring masses. 

B-man, good sport that he is, has been forced into a life of perfume obsession for as long as we both shall live.  This actually works for his personality because he pays close attention to details (polished shoes, quality fabrics, perfectly knotted ties).  Plus, he is open minded enough to experiment with perfume whether it is marketed as male, female or unisex (idiotic labels, if you ask me). For instance, the jury is out on which one of us smells best in Yatagan.

Or Ambre Sultan.

Manly smells are tricky, though, and anyone can blow it by making a thoughtless choice.  I was in Las Vegas last week, attending a conference, and decided to join a friend for breakfast in the hotel restaurant.  I'm eating and chatting, having a perfectly lovely time, when a man sits down at the table next to us and I am assaulted by a cheap I'm up for a booty call at 8AM scent that stops me in mid-bite. Dude, really.

Nevertheless, if done right - sensitive to the occasion, setting, weather and wardrobe - few things are more pleasant than a man who smells really good.


  1. Oh Katy Jo, your voice is captured beautifully! I can actually hear you speak the words you wrote. And, might I add, you are a perfect Virgo even in your writing. Knotted tie and attention to fabric just gives it away. :) Ali

  2. Thanks, Ali! I sure am having fun. Glad you visited!



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