Sunday, November 21, 2010

Winter Is Here - Let It Snow!

B-man and Paige (Daddy's Little Helper) shoveling snow
Having a chat about Paige biting the shovel
Paige settles for the occasional bark to keep the shovel in line

photos my own, taken this morning


  1. Can't say it's here yet. Last February there was 3 foot snowstorm and we were sitting in the dorm all week. I really hope that happens again.

  2. Oh, you have snow! :) I can't wait fot it to arrive here (although almost everyone who hears me say that wants to kill me). Snow in the city is not something many look forward to.

  3. Hi Joan - the first snow is always exciting and it changes the mood of the season completely. Hope you get the big snow you want!

  4. Ines - yes, snow is a double-edged sword, isn't it? I love it but don't relish driving in it. Nevertheless, it sets the scene for the holidays and adds drama to the winter months.

    Hope you get snow soon!

  5. OMG, snow. I don't like snow. :( Where do you live? Colorado?

    Have you ever tried Winter 1972 by CB I hate perfume? It smells exactly like snow. :-)


    P.S. I like reading your blog.

  6. Hi Sandy - thanks for the comment! No, I haven't tried 1972, but may have to now.

    I'm glad you like reading my blog - thanks for letting me know!



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