Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Perfume Promiscuity

That's it - I'm taking a break from buying perfume.  For the next few months, I refuse to be lured. 

And this time, I really mean it.

10% off?  Oh, hell no.

15%?  Doesn't matter.

20%?  Nope.

25%?  You bastards.

Nevertheless, I plan to be strong, to wear the perfume I already own and purchase samples and decants only if I absolutely have to. 

Guidelines around this are deliberately vague.

When I'm in hot pursuit of the latest 'must have' perfume(s), I immediately toss aside the previous batch that I just had to have.  Like the guy that loses interest as soon as he bangs the girl.

Perfume Promiscuity.

Let's face it: No perfume is as alluring as the one I don't have yet, the one on its way; the One True Perfume Love Of My Life.  

Our hot affair is short lived, and soon I am convinced that I should buy more, using the following justifications:

1)  To round out my collection
2)  To provide material for my blog
3)  So I can continue to share perfume with others
4)  Because the sale is just too good to resist

The question is, why can't I take some time and truly enjoy the perfumes I have?  At some point, they were all The One.  Now, they're just another notch in my perfume cabinet.

Note to self:  Slow down and love the ones you're with.

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  1. I feel your pain. I was just looking at all my beautiful bottles and wishing I has time to wear them more often, BUT... I have several bottles that I need to buy right now! Becuase they're special, because I can't stop thinking about them, because it's limited edition, because the weather is perfect right now for that, because I know someone who's coming fromt he US and can bring me a couple of bottles, (thus saving delivery!) So hard to stop buying.

  2. *Always* good to be reminded ... but, swapping doesn't count, right? :D

  3. Hi kjanicki - you're so right! I'm already wondering how long I can hold out before buying the two perfumes I just must have...

    Then I'll stop.

  4. Hi Elisa - no, swapping never counts. Enjoy!

  5. I had similar thoughts in the end of the last year, so my New Year resolution was to wear one of my favorite perfumes at least two times a week. So far I was following that resolution (I haven't started working on my June statistics post yet but I hope I was good this month as well).



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