Saturday, June 11, 2011

Perfume As A Subliminal Message

Each day, I choose my perfume based on multiple factors:

1)  What is my wardrobe?
2)  What is the weather?
3)  What are my day's activities?
4)  Will I be in close proximity with others?
5)  What is my mood?

Yesterday, I wore Fumerie Turque because I felt laid back and needed a perfume that would communicate 'smoke break comfort' throughout the afternoon.

That started me thinking about another factor that I also consider when choosing my scent of the day:

What exactly do I want my perfume to say?  

Since perfume speaks for us, whether we want it to or not, it's smart to pay attention to its subliminal messages.

For example, if I'm meeting with a group of people who are resistant to an idea, I wear a girly perfume like Poeme.  This cushions my assertiveness and provides an aromatic comfort zone, assuring them they have nothing to worry about. 

On the other hand, a cold, green chypre, like Chanel No. 19, communicates that I alone will be the one making the decision at the end of our discussion.  No.19 states my intentions clearly from the start, which actually allows me to be warmer when communicating face-to-face. 

Before now, I didn't realize how much I rely on perfume to set the stage, create a mood and emphasize all that remains unspoken.

What are your 'subliminal message' perfumes?

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  1. Hi Josephine. Those are all very good factors. Of the 5 you list, the one that seems to govern not just what I wear, but when I wear, is the last one, mood. I don't know if it is because I am a guy and things like wardrobe and my sensitivity to others are not as heightened, but as I've written a few times on my own blog, my mood can have a devastating effect on my perfume choice and whether I end up wearing a perfume or not.

  2. I too am like Michael - it usually depends on my mood. On occasionally do I need a perfume to be a piece of wardrobe, and usually that is when work is involved.

    Thought-provoking post - thanks Josephine- I'll be chewing on this for a while today!!

  3. Hi Michael - yes, mood is perhaps the most important element. However, my days all begin differently, and if I have an early meeting, I will choose a perfume that is toned down. Rare is the occasion that I don't wear perfume at all. Once in a great while I will not wear perfume on Saturday, but usually end up applying something later in the day. Perfume is so much a part of my world now that life seems a bit bland without it.

  4. Frida, hello! Glad the post was thought provoking for you...the language of perfume is certainly worth pondering. Today, we are attending a brunch in the mountains, with wine and food (and a lot of people) involved. Still haven't decided what perfume will work, but perfume will definitely be part of my wardrobe.

    Thanks for your comment!

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  6. This is lovely Josephine. I'm writing my dissertation on perfume so this post is of particular interest to me. It's nice to be reminded that there are other people who value perfume as highly as I do and also see it as another essential layer of clothing.



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