Thursday, October 13, 2011

Living In My Head

All I want to do lately is think.  

Live in my head.

Inner Critic says I should blog much more.  And much better.  The desire is there.  Well, the desire for the desire is there.  But my focus is crap these days and much of what comes out is drivel.

If only blogging were my job, and all I had to do is choose which perfume, or life event, I would thoughtfully and cleverly write about.  I can imagine languishing over every word before confidently abandoning each post and beginning to think of the next.

In many ways, blogging is a rest - a diversion - from the gregarious demands of my work.  But it gets in the way of my thinking, and that is what I do best.  

Unfortunately, much of that is drivel, too.

Did I hire the right person for that position?
I can't find my favorite mechanical pencil.
What am I going to wear tomorrow?
I could eat the entire block of gruyere.
Thank God the French eat chesse.
Where is the damn mechanical pencil?  

Last night, I did manage to break this fascinating thought pattern long enough to watch E's True Hollywood Story on William and Kate, riveted to the TV as if I had no idea of the ending.

Then I thought some more.

Do you ever get stuck in your head? 

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  1. Perhaps it is a family trait. Sometimes my head drives me crazy. Last night I couldn't get it to stop so I could sleep......round and round it goes. Plus I have the craziest dreams that I marvel my subconcious can concoct. Think on dear sister! Love baby sis

  2. Hi a.k.a. Warum - I'm glad I'm not alone!

  3. Hey, Baby sis, maybe it's genetic! Lots of churning going on these days. Hoping for less pondering and more action in the future...



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