Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Mandatory Flu Shot = Two Day Flu

To say I'm peeved is the understatement of the year.  And I would be a lot  more assertive in my 'peevement' if I wasn't also achy and weak from the flu.  

I've missed two days of work, which is unheard of in my employment history. One day?  Maybe. Two days?  Oh, hell no.

But this year, our hospital made it mandatory that everyone get an annual flu shot.  And, in my case, the flu itself.  Any time the government, or big business says, 'come along, everyone, line up and get your Free Shot,' instinct tells me to run the other way.  

Up until now, I have routinely signed the frowned-upon waiver that allows one to refuse the flu shot for the following reasons:

1) Religious
2) Pregnancy
3) Egg allergy
4) Medical condition
5) Other

Since there's never been a 'because I don't f**king want to' category, I have always marked 'other.' 

Now, my employment depends upon it.  So until we hit the lottery (and if you think about it, why not us?), I'll get the damn flu shot. 

It's better than being pregnant.

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