Sunday, October 16, 2011

A Temporary Break For Creative Space

Flying home from Mason City several weeks ago, I had a creative epiphany.  Ideas always come when I am high above the clouds, gaining perspective on my life.  

In order to pursue this goal - a marriage of both inspiration and timing - I must create new space to accommodate the intensity of its beginning.  So I'll be taking a break from Notes From Josephine until after the holiday season.  

My blog has become a beloved companion and it's difficult to let it sleep, even for a little while. 

But I'll be back - please join me again then.

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  1. Do what your soul needs to do! Wish you much success, and we'll join you again when you get back to regular posting.

  2. We'll be here when you return! Enjoy your break. I hope your creativity flows free!

  3. I hope it goes well Josephine, but I'll miss you (don't desert us!).

  4. Muse, JoanElaine and Michael, thanks for your support and sweetness. This temporary decision feels a little weird - even though I have given it much thought - and I'll still be following all of you (don't expect me to survive without the scent diaries!).

    No worries, I'll be back.

  5. Enjoy your break, Josephine! It is good to recharge the batteries from time to time, especially as you have a demanding job as well.

  6. Just wanted to let you know how much I miss your blog! I really looked forward to reading your thoughts...about perfume, life or anything else you felt like writing about. I hope you aren't away for long, because your voice is smart and refreshing! Will look forward to your return...much love!

  7. I totally missed this post (five weeks ago I was a bit of a mess personally) and this morning I'm thinking - where did Josephine go? And now I know!! Enjoy your break.

  8. I took a long break. It helped.

    See you soon.



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