Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Living in Transition

My computer is on the fritz...has been for a few weeks, so I'm using B-man's lap top...which I have used for the past few posts.  Last weekend, B-man and I went shopping for a new computer but I ended up just being 'meh' about it for whatever reason.  I can't get too worked up right now since I'm totally preoccupied with my new job. 

Gearing up for a new job, while winding down from my current position, is exhausting.  Not because I have so much to do (although it has turned out to be a bit crazier than I thought), but because of that whole 'letting go' thing.  The hardest part of that is not to act as excited as I am about moving on.  Whenever anyone asks me about my new role, I indicate my excitement and then always add, 'but, you know, it's hard to leave, too.' 

Such a f**king lie.

Then again, if I say, 'I am so glad to be moving on,' it may not be super cool, either.  So I'm faking it on two fronts, acting like it's hard to go and also pretending I know exactly what I'm going to do in my new position.  At last, I am a true poseur.

But here's the weirdest thing.  Over the past several days, people have come to my office and said, 'can I talk to you before you leave?'  I say, 'sure, what did you want to discuss?'  All have said, in essence, 'I want to know how you moved your career forward consistently over the past eight years, because I want to do that, too.' 

Didn't really see that coming.

So I've been thinking about this and trying to identify exactly what I have done to advance my career three levels during that time.  Because I have taken deliberate steps and can't act like the trajectory has been accidental, although luck and timing have been involved, too.

Dad said, 'why don't you blog about that?'  Maybe I will.

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  1. Please to blog more about this topic! Some of us could use the mentoring. :)

  2. Yes, you should blog about that ... you poseur! xoxo

  3. Hi Diana - thanks for your comment. I hadn't ever really thought about it in specific terms until I was asked the question. Now my brain is trying to organize what the process really looks like. Please stay tuned!

  4. Elisa, thanks for the comment! I know...good job posing, right? I'm excited to explore the career topic more very soon.

  5. We're in different transition periods; wish you the very best (I too had to fake it when I was leaving/laid off - it kinda felt good ;)



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