Thursday, February 2, 2012

Hitting The Brain Wall


This week, I am attending what is called an 'Advanced Training Program,' or ATP, offered by our healthcare system.  It's all about the theory of medical care and measuring treatment outcomes.  The training will be held the last week of each month through April.

Our class includes physician leaders from around the world.  Even though I'm not a physician, I did qualify for the training through my own leadership and I know how to make the most of an great opportunity. 

B-man has been taking me each morning and picking me up at night.  I protested this offer in the beginning, but eventually surrendered because it's a real luxury not to fight the traffic and work my way though the parking ramp death trap at our corporate office.

So he's driving Miss Daisy.

Yesterday, after class, I was all pumped up,  impressed with myself and how much I know about our system.  Verbal and energetic, I was definitely holding my own, rubbing shoulders with the Mucketys and working the room politically.

That was yesterday.

Tonight, I am exhausted and overloaded with information that is way beyond my scope.  As the other attendees were raving about today's presentations, I simply nodded and prayed that no one would ask my opinion.  Drooling is probably not an acceptable response.

Tomorrow's session ends at noon.

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