Tuesday, February 21, 2012

I Need A New Work Perfume

Predicted response to my new office perfume
 Yesterday, all day - ALL DAY - I searched two of my 'biggest one-day sale ever' perfume sites and tried to choose a new work scent.  A new job deserves a new perfume, don't you think?  Besides that, I was cranky and didn't want to work on the big project that is looming...that's completely over my head...that I was going to overachieve as a way of seeking a new promotion.

Now that I got the promotion, the project can bite me.  Albatross comes to mind.

Last time I was at the corporate office (scene of my new job), a sign in the bathroom said, 'please don't spray perfume or put on scented lotion in this restroom.'  Bummer. Who's the princess that gets the vapors from a little Shalimar?  Up until now, I haven't given much thought to what others might think of my perfume.

'Oh, right, the world's greatest attention whore doesn't care what anyone thinks of her perfume.'

I hate Inner Critic.

Still, I've never spent much time researching perfumes that were office appropriate because then I'd have to check out the Jo Malone line.  Dude, those bottles are hideous.  After reading several websites that said Prada Infusion D'iris was the best office perfume out there, I thought, 'damn, I wish I had a sample of that.'  Then I remembered, 'damn, I do have a sample of that!'

Nope, too girly with a drydown of Aqua Net.

And if one more person suggests D&G Light Blue, I'll snap.

Last week, when Daphne dragged me out for a sniff-fest, I tried Stella Nude by Stella McCartney on a scent strip but not on my skin.  I've never liked the original Stella - too schoolmarm - but Stella Nude?  Could be a contender.

So, help me out here.  What's your favorite light, fresh perfume that is alluring but won't piss everyone off?  And that might last more than 10 minutes?  I haven't bought a new perfume since September of last year, so I'm willing to splurge. I have already told B-man that Saturday will include a sniff-fest somewhere and he'll come with me and he'll like it, too. 

He didn't put up the fight I was hoping for at all.

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  1. Great idea. I'm a bit of a pariah among perfumistas because I'm the only one who seems to think we should keep our perfumes close to our skin in public places ;-) Have you tried the Atelier line? Lovely & sheer. On my skin, I find dabbing parfum vs spraying an edt or edp keeps sillage to a minimum...

  2. Have you tried Agent Provacatuer's Eau Emotionelle?

  3. Hi,

    I didn't catch - were do you work now? In some other hospital or?

  4. My first thought was Jo Malone. :) White Jasmine & Mint, specifically.

    My second thought was Cristalle. Better than the Jo Malone, but also much less modern.

    My third thought was the Le Labo jasmine; I forget the number.

    Then I ran out of thoughts. Oh! Wait! Teas! Parfumerie Generale L'Eau Rare Matale, for example. Yes, now that's my primary recommendation. Not the least bit offensive but not the least bit boring.

  5. I read the title as "I Need a New York Perfume", and figured you were inundated with Bond No. 9's. But if it's a WORK perfume you wish for... Frida introduced me a while back to L'Artisan La Chasse aux Papillons, which is work-perfect. I also like Histoire de Parfums' 1725 Casanova and Bottega Veneta for days in the office- super low sillage, but for those within its circle, these pastel suede-florals can't be beat. :) Congrats on the new job!

  6. I like these work perfume discussions...much more than I like work.

    One of my favorites for the work place is Ume by Keiko Mecheri. It's so different and pleasing, with tranquil sillage. Kind of sophisticated.

    Congratulations on the promotion!

  7. Oh wait, I forgot one more: I recently sampled "What we do in Paris is secret" by A Lab on Fire, and I love it. I spritzed only a little, which may account for the low sillage. Made me feel a bit feline, but serene.

  8. Hi Daly Beauty - good to see you! I've changed my ideas about sillage lately because I haven't been wearing perfume on a steady basis. Maybe my sensitivity is up a bit. No, I haven't tried the Atelier line yet, but thanks for the tip!

  9. Hi Frida - you are the one that turned me onto Agent Provocateur, so now I have to try Eau Emotionelle. I can imagine loving it.

  10. Hi Bellatrix - I've been working as an administrative director in a pediatric hospital. My new job will be as the service excellence coordinator over our healthcare system, which includes the oversight and partnership of 23 hospitals. I'm excited and a little overwhelmed at the same time...

  11. ChickenFreak, hello! I caved and tried the Jo Malone line yesterday - really tried it. For whatever reason, it doesn't light me up, even though several were pleasant enough. Meh. You're so right about Cristalle - it is a less modern beauty. I remember that you love the L'eau Rare Matale and now I must try it. Thanks for your suggestions!

  12. Hi, Olenska - thanks for your ideas. Yeah, I'm not much of a Bond #9 fan...they all have a nasty after taste to me, weird as that sounds. Tried the Bottega Veneta yesterday and agree it's a beauty. You've helped my search greatly!

  13. Hi Taffy - thanks for your congratulations and your suggestions! I'm intrigued by anything that makes me feel 'a bit feline.' Will check it out!

  14. These are all great suggestions - I second the recs of Cristalle and Bottega Veneta in particular. You already like regular AP, so Eau Emotionelle makes perfect sense. Of the Atelier line, you might well like the green one, Trefle Pur - my faves are Bois Blond and Oolong Infini, though they are all nice.

    Balenciaga Paris L'Essence is very office appropriate, also Cartier L'Heure Promise (though spendy).

    My own go-to office scent for all weather except high summer is Prada L'Eau Ambree, not that I am in an office very often. : - )

  15. You're the boss, right?

    Cristalle or No. 19. Maybe it will put you in a more authoritative mood. :)

  16. You might like Daisy by Marc Jacobs - the eau de toilette version. It's lighter than the perfume so won't be too strong but it's nice enough to last and I've actually gotten compliments on it at the office!



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