Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Random Seattle Perfumes Revealed

Here are the perfumes I packed for our trip:

Karma by Lush
Vintage Patchouly by DSH
Dune by Dior
Black Aoud by Montale
Iris Silver Mist by Serge Lutens
Jovan Musk
Notre Flore Iris by L'Occitane
Trish McEvoy Sexy 4

We're only in Seattle for three days, and so far, I haven't worn any of them.  Suddenly, it seems morally wrong to wear perfume on the plane.  And interrupting the smells of the city with a frantic application of perfume once I get here just feels...stupid. Who would want to miss the sillage of fish, brats and pasta mixed with the smell of the freshly cut flowers at Pike Place Market, which results in the aroma of piss?  Once I understood its components, the scent was suddenly charming. 

As always, I am delighted to be here and the same thought floods my mind each time I fly into the city, right before we land: 'This is where I belong.'

Tomorrow, we will celebrate the Fourth of July in Seattle (if you also celebrate this holiday, I wish you a wonderful day, too).  Which perfume do you recommend?

Image from paultownend.com


  1. Annette StevensonJuly 3, 2012 at 8:46 PM

    Most schools and workplaces in Seattle ban perfume because it can disturb other people, sometimes causing nausea or allergic reactions. My coworker, for example, has an extreme allergic reaction to the scent of patchouli (how she survived Seattle in the 70s is beyond me!). As a frequent traveler, I thank you for not wearing perfume on the plane and other confined spaces.

  2. Annette Hello and welcome! Your comments are interesting because never have I enjoyed so much perfume sillage as walking the streets of downtown Seattle. Any ban on on perfume is annoying because there are so many other smells that cause nausea or allergic reactions. Take body odor, for example, like the guy I got stuck with on the elevator the other day - thought I might pass out...Or disgusting food that people heat up in the office microwave. Or hair that hasn't been washed for a week. Or wearing clothes fresh out of mothballs. If we're banning disturbing smells, we need to look way beyond perfume.

  3. Welcome to Seattle, Josephine! I know you want cooler temps, but I'd kill for a warm, sunny day. Hooray, the sun is making an appearance today : )

    The SO and I are headed to Tacoma to hang with friends and family at the city's waterfront party. Where are you going to watch the fireworks tonight? Have a great time wherever you are!

  4. Hi Cymbaline - good to hear from you! We are loving the weather and planning to spend the day at Bainbridge Island (parade, street fair, classic car show), then figure out fireworks tonight...after a Cobb salad at 13 Coins. Hope you have a great day in Tacoma and we'll make the most of the holiday!

  5. Your trip sounds fantastic! It is always emotional to fly into a place you feel you belong and I know Seattle has long been that for you. Perhaps Independence Day is another day to enjoy the smells of the Pacific Northwest sans perfume. But I smiled at the way you make packing perfumes a priority...enjoy every minute of the city you love!

  6. Hi Mermaid -yes, I am a geek for perfume packing. Actually, I'm hoping to do some perfume shopping while we're here...maybe tomorrow. Just came back from Bainbridge island after spending the day watching their parade and walking all over town. In a while, we'll drag ourselves down to the hotel bar and have drinks and dinner. Then, we'll watch fireworks from our room and crash... Hope you've enjoyed the day - thanks for your comment!



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