Thursday, July 5, 2012

Perfume Update

Yesterday, my Fourth of July perfume was...

Trish McEvoy Sexy 4

I've had a small sample from Nordstrom for months, and would describe Sexy 4 as naughty gardenia.  Gardenia that smokes when no one's looking.  Gardenia on a Harley.

Mom used to love gardenias, so my sister and I made sure she had a big gardenia corsage every mother's day to wear to church.  Until one year, when Mom said, 'will you please not get me a gardenia corsage for Mother's Day this year?'  I can't remember now if it was because she changed her mind about the smell of the flower, or because she felt awkward with a huge corsage dangling off her dress.

Sexy 4 is not a corsage gardenia.

But it didn't last long, which is one of my perfume pet peeves.  Thinking I was seducing B-man beyond words, I asked him what he thought of my perfume.  He sniffed my neck so close his nose touched, and said, 'I can barely smell it.' 

Seduction buzz kill.

Fortunately, I just like - not love - Sexy 4, so its wimpiness has me only mildly annoyed.

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  1. Is it a natural perfume? That is one thing that seems to be a given for a lot of natural perfume - lack of longevity. Sigh.

  2. Hi Frida - I'm not sure about McEvoy perfumes (looked on the official website just now), but I vaguely remember the SA at Norstrom telling me it was a natural perfume. And you're right - a lack of staying power is common among the naturals. Am I the only one annoyed by that? Always great to hear from you.



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