Sunday, July 1, 2012

Embarrassing Things I've Said and Done This Week

Lately, I can't seem to get through one day without embarrassing myself.

Yesterday, I was reminding B-man about a scene from one of my favorite movies, A Few Good Men.  'You know, the one with Jack Lemmon.'

Jack effing Lemmon.

After a polite pause, B-man said, 'I think you mean Jack Nicholson.'

I may never have figured that out on my own.

Earlier in the week, during a conference call, I made what I thought was a reasonable suggestion.  We're asking our nurses to use one system to get medication information, so why don't we consider eliminating the other three, which are much less effective?  Almost simultaneously, everyone on the call yelled said, 'No!'  They went on to give long-winded explanations about how the doctors really needed these systems and we could never, eh-heh-ver take them away.

Jeez, have a cow.

But the most embarrassing has to be the picture I offered our communications department to use with an article about me in our business newsletter.  It's not just any old picture. I had B-man take multiple shots of me in different outfits, at different angles and with different backgrounds.  Only a few made me look like a chipmunk.  We poured over them and picked the best two, one of which I sent to Communications.

Later that day, I received the following e-mail:  'It looks like we're going to need a different picture.'  'We'll arrange to have one taken next week.'

It looks like?  You mean after it was passed around the office and everyone laughed hysterically at my hideousness?  It probably hangs in the boardroom - blown up - with the NO sign, like Ghostbusters.  The best I can hope for now is that they take it down before our next meeting.

What embarrassing things have you done lately?

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  1. Maybe not embarrassing, but stupid: I was making roasted potatoes while on vacation this weekend at a rental house, and couldn't find an oven mitt. So I tried to pull the pan out of the oven using a napkin and got a second-degree burn on my thumb. Had to spend the rest of the night with my thumb in a bowl of ice water. Luckily I can drink wine with my left hand.

  2. Elisa, hi - it's good to see you! What you did is only mildly stupid - hardly even counts - and I can totally see me doing the same thing. I mean, just because it's a napkin doesn't mean I couldn't totally pull it I soak my thumb in ice water... Thank God we have two hands, although you know those people who paint with their feet? I could do that with wine. Just sayin'.



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