Saturday, July 7, 2012

It Never Actually Rains In Seattle

As you know, we chose Seattle as a getaway spot last week because we haven't had any moisture here all summer in Drought City.  I couldn't wait to immerse myself in the murky comfort of low clouds and rain.  Checking the weather leading up to our trip, Seattle showed rain every single day.  Clothing was planned and umbrellas were at the ready. 

Liar faces.

It never rains when we're there. We may be graced with a light, fleeting sprinkle, but nothing of any substance.  Honestly, it's starting to piss me off.  Especially after B-man informed me Thursday morning that it was raining hard...back home.  Little Mister Optimist went on to point out how badly we need the rain and how, if it was going to rain anywhere, it's probably best that it rained there.  Why, yes.  Of course you're right.  Absolutely.  Kumbaya, my Lord.

Severe eye twitch.

After I talked myself off the ledge, - I told you I might jump - I began to appreciate the clear weather.  After all, we were free to walk anywhere, anytime, and stand outside on the ferry because it wasn't pouring rain.  Plus, it was only 65-70 degrees, and the landscape was green and lush and gorgeous.  We truly enjoyed every day and the locals were simply giddy, enamored by the warmth and bright sun.

Because it rains every day.

B-man mentioned this Murphy's Law of weather on facebook and one of his friends replied, 'That's because sunshine follows you wherever you go.'

Well, now we know.  It's Little Mister Sunbeam's fault.

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