Sunday, April 28, 2013

Hopes Pinned on Hot Toddy to Restore Health, Taste and Smell

Since Thursday, I have not gotten better, but worse.  My sinuses hurt, I have a deep, disturbing cough and I'm not able to do anything but sit on the deck and hope that sunshine and fresh air will magically heal me.  This illness is not taking a typical pattern, and it's freaking me out a little.

Plus, all sense of taste and smell has disappeared.

Enter hot toddy.

I found this recipe online, a doctor's recipe that was prescribed to a family - with great success - for many years.  It looks like this:

2 oz. whiskey
1 tbsp honey
1 tsp lemon juice
4 oz water

Blend and heat thorougly, but do not boil.

I have finished the drink, but must admit that I don't feel any better yet.  I still have aches, I am still compelled to cough and my sense of taste and smell have not returned at all.

Smelling alone would make me feel better because so many other things in my life are healed through that sense. Without it, I feel alone and a little desperate, with nothing solid to cling to.  Except for B-man and his warm touch to stroke my head and my back and whisper in my ear to reassure me of his love and of healing right around the corner.

Not sure how things will look in the morning, but I have to think I can only get better.  If so, hot toddys will be added to my recipe for recovery next time the flu comes to town.

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