Monday, January 27, 2014

Is Perfume Seasonal? Yes...Except When It's Not

Like all good perfumistas, I have spring perfumes, summer perfumes, fall perfumes and winter perfumes.  Sometimes I arrange them in my cabinet to reflect this so that my choices will be narrowed as I'm running late for work.  It's a foolproof way to ensure that I wear the appropriate perfume during the appropriate season for as long as it's appropriate.

That's such crap.

Take today, for example.  It's cold, not bitter cold, but barely warm enough for me to leave without a coat this morning. (In my defense, I keep a coat in the trunk of my car, a blue anorak number that goes with absolutely nothing I wear and would look hideous should I get stranded on the side of the road.)  Still, I get full credit for having the damn coat. 

Anyway, as I'm showering and mentally sorting through my perfumes - the winter perfumes, of course - I can think of nothing at all that lights me up.  Yes, it is a perfect White Aoud day, but snore.  Mauboussin is certainly a contender because its smokiness would mirror the lung destroying substance we call air in our city.  Or maybe Queen by Queen Latifah, one of my favorite cheap chocolate and patchouli loves.  Suddenly, they all seem too...I don't know, wintry.

Then it hits me - I want coconut.  Yup, tropical and spicy, warm and summery coconut.  So I slather on coconut body butter from the Body Shop and reach into the back of my middle shelf for Versace's Crystal Noir.  All day, I catch whiffs of my loveliness until I go to a meeting at 3:00 and get out-sillaged by a colleague wearing Angel.  What the hell? To make matters worse, it is beautiful on her and I spend the whole meeting wishing I had obeyed the rules and worn something January-ish that could trump all competing sillage in the board room. 

The quest for airspace supremacy lives on, seasonal or otherwise.

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  1. I had to laugh about the sillage wars! ;)

    1. I know...sad, right? So good to see you!

    2. I probably would have been thinking the same thing!!



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