Sunday, June 28, 2015

Chronicle of Motion Sickness

The world is divided into two kinds of people: those that suffer from motion sickness and those that don't.  I get motion sick as a passenger in cars.  And in planes, on amusement rides, on buses and in elevators. I've been like this for as long as I can remember, and motion sickness adds extra planning to all travel. 

Cruises are out of the question - just the thought makes me nauseous. 

Yesterday, B-man and I went to another family reunion...our second in just over a week.  Both events have included a drive of two or more hours.  Any time we take a driving trip, we plan ahead to decide who is going to drive and at what points.  Our conversation yesterday looked something like this:

Me: So, how should we do the driving?

B-man:  However - I'm always good to drive.

Me: Yeah, but I don't want to take a Dramamine at 10 am, so maybe I should drive on the way there and you should drive home.

B-man:  Okay, you drive up - that's great.

Me:  Yeah, but I kind of want to veg and relax today, so why don't you drive?

B-man:  Sounds good.

Right before we drop Paige at doggy daycare, and before I take my chewable Dramamine, the conversation starts again:

Me:  Okay, I'm going to need to drive 'cause I'm starting to feel sick.

B-man: That's fine, we'll switch when we drop Paige.

Me:  Could you smooth it out a little until we get there?

B-man: The brakes on your car are kinda touchy.

Me:  I know, but still...

Now I'm driving, but can't stop talking about it:

Me:  Okay, this is better...sorry that I suck as a passenger.

B-man:  You've always sucked as a passenger - I'm used to it.

Me:  Thank God for Dramamine.

B-man: This is great - now I can play on Waze and track your speed and tell you when there's a cop ahead...cause you're such a badass.

Me: Yeah, a real lead foot over here.

B-man: Gotta watch you every second.

Me:  Hey, you have to admit I'm a great passenger when I'm drugged on Dramamine and managing the munchies, right?

B-man:  You are the queen of munchie management, it's true.

Me:  Thanks, hon.

B-man: The exit you need is sneaking right up - you better change lanes.

Me: Thanks, Waze boy, but I've driven this route about a thousand times.

B-man:  And if I was driving like you're driving, I'd have to pull over so you could throw up.

Me:  Sorry, I'll smooth it out.

B-man: Luckily, it doesn't bother me, just making a point.

Me: It's those sensitive brakes.

B-man: I know.

What makes a successful trip?  Dramamine and a flexible husband.

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