Friday, July 3, 2015

Rose de Mai: From Dowdy to Delightful

Every time I wear Fragonard's Rose de Mai, it takes me five minutes to remember why I ever bought it in the first place. Top notes are soapy and dowdy... a little too 'Queen Elizabeth' if you know what I mean.  I bought Rose de Mai in Baltimore a couple of years ago as I was ditching attending a conference.  It seemed perfect then and provided a stark contrast to the salty, nutty smell of the air.  

Here at home, it takes a few minutes to get to the good part.  Luckily, just before the should I/shouldn't I scrub decision must be made, Rose de Mai changes and gets brighter with a little citrus (berries and a touch of lemon), complementary florals (lillies to my nose) and a lot less soap. In fact, the heart notes are downright fresh. The queen is nowhere to be found. 

In the end, Rose de Mai stays true to its muse and is appropriate in all settings.  At the office, its crisp, smart attitude sends a clear message that everything is perfectly pulled together.

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