Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Don't You Hear It?

A few months ago, I got a new car, which I promptly named 'The Bear.'  That's because it feels big and it growls a little being a diesel and all.  B-man drove it for the first two weeks because I just couldn't adjust. Behind the wheel, I felt like a two-year-old steering Daddy's grown-up car.

Then suddenly, I fall in love with The Bear. We bond. I even buy white sunglasses to match.

But wait, then I hear something like...I don't know, a low buzz. Yeah, that's it, a buzz. Then I realize that my passenger window is open slightly.  I forget about the buzz and reconcile with The Bear.

Until today, when I call B-man right before getting home from work.

Me: Hi - can you meet me outside?

B-man:  How come?

Me:  'Cause I need you to drive the car.

B-man: Uh-huh...the noise again?

Me:  I don't know, I just need someone else to drive the car.

B-man:  Yeah, okay, I'll meet you outside.

We're both in the car.

Me:  When I hit 50 mph, that's when the noise starts.

B-man: Are you hearing it now?

Me: So you don't hear it?

B-man: Uh...no.

Me: Okay, I need to get on the freeway...do you hear it now?

B-man: Nothing but ordinary road noise.

Me:  You need to drive. 

B-man (driving): Do you still hear it?

Me: Well no, not now.

B-man: I think the car's fine.

Me: Pull over so I can get in the back seat.

B-man:  Well?

Me: So nothin,' right?

B-man: I'm going to say nothin.'

I feel so much better knowing that my car is fine.  It's my mind that's gone.

Image from dreamstime.com

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