Friday, December 31, 2010

Perfume in 2010: My Very Own List

Perfumes I Wore Most in 2010:

Jardin en Mediterranee - My #1 go-to perfume
Borneo 1834 - Always leads, never follows
Agent Provocateur - Beauty and brains
Montale Aouds:  Black, White & Queen Roses

Perfumes I fell madly in love with in 2010:

Black Aoud - Oh. My. God.
Rose 31 - Makes me crazy in a good way
Eau du Soir - Luca Turin can bite me
DSH Memory and Desire - Melancholy bottled

Perfumes I Love But Hardly Ever Wore in 2010:

Sycomore - Rarely in the mood to smell this 'green'
Ambre Sultan - Beautiful, but big sillage
Narcisse Noir - Always the bridesmaid
Tea For Two - If only the smoke lasted longer
L'heure Bleue - Best as an 'evening alone' scent

Neglected Perfumes Rediscovered in 2010:

Angel Lily - Makes me feel peppy
Jungle l'Elephant - Fine suede in cool weather
Sonia Rykiel Woman - Friendly and warm
Dune - Salty oriental

My Favorite Slutty Perfumes of 2010:

Jean Paul Gaultier - Maybe, if you ask nicely
Poeme - Don't get my white gloves dirty
Fracas - You can look, but don't touch

Perfumes I Tried to Love in 2010, but Don't:

Amouage Lyric Woman - Oh, hell no
Paloma Picasso - Horses, plain and simple
Nuit de Noel - Interesting start, nasty finish
Bandit - Makes me cranky 
Paestum Rose - Promising start but wimps out
Iris Silver Mist - Trying a bit too hard
Cuir de Russie - Girly leather wannabe
Chanel No. 5 - Aldehydes unbecoming

2010 Delightful Perfume Experiences:

Perfume Blogging friends
DSH Essense Studio in Boulder, CO

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  1. I love it when my reaction to perfume is just, Oh. My. God.:) Those are the perfumes that I then love forever,

  2. Hi Marina - yes, this is the true test of great perfume loves. Frankly, it's rare, but when that happens, I remember it always. Thanks for your comment!

  3. "Oh. My. God" - I understand that feeling, and what a wonderful feeling it is!

    I'm rather curious about Jardin en Mediterranee. I am always interested in the perfumes people go to again and again.

    What is it about Bandit that makes you cranky? I haven't tried it yet, but have it on my "to sample" list. I am a very moody person and that last thing on earth I need is more crankiness!

    Thanks for dropping by and commenting on my blog. I left a rather long reply if you wish to read it. I am a little confused which Azuree is which!

    Happy new year, Josephine! I hope 2011 brings you peace, comfort and happiness.

  4. I love your lists! "Luca Turin can bite me" - LOL! I love Eau de Soir too. Memory & Desire No. 1 is a masterpiece of originality.

    RE: Narcisse Noir and Nuit de Noel - don't make a final judgement on these without smelling the vintage versions. They have been unfortunately tamed of late. I have a little bottle of vintage Nuit de Noel that I got cheaply in a rather shabby-looking mixed lot on EBay - I bought it for something else - and it's marvelous. It's the very definition of the old Caron Mousse de Saxe base and there is nothing else like it. I never really knew how good this perfume was until I tried the old Extrait.

  5. Hi JoanElaine - thanks for your comment. Jardin en Mediterranee is a figgy, herbal, woody fragrance that is always right, all the time, everywhere. It is unique and beautiful with the perfect sillage for a work environment. If I had to choose only one perfume to live with forever, this would be the one. When I discovered Mediterranee, it was an Oh. My. God. moment.

    I wish I knew exactly what it was about Bandit that makes me cranky. Perhaps the bitter leather vibe feels harsh and unfriendly (even though I am a lover of leather perfumes). Bandit has a very nice opening, but later in the drydown, I start feeling uncomfortable, annoyed and persnickety. It took me a few times before I could link the crankiness to the perfume and that was quite a revelation. Now, I admire it from a distance.

    Happy New Year to you, too!

  6. Flora, hello and welcome! Glad that you enjoy Eau du Soir, too.

    Thanks for your suggestions around the Caron perfumes. I actually love Narcisse Noir, even in its current formulation, but have not been able to wrap my arms around Nuit de Noel. However, I will take your advice to heart and hopefully encounter the old extrait. Would love to see the comparison!

  7. Aldehides... at times they bring me headaches. But I still like N.5 only to smell it not wear it. Happy New Year again!

  8. Vintage Lady, I'm with you. Once in awhile, I sniff No.5 just to experience it and wonder who in my life it might suit. A nice reference perfume, but not well suited to my own chemistry. Thanks for your comment!

  9. I can't believe I missed this post but maybe it was meant to be because I just had an OMG moment a few minutes ago when I tried DSH's Mata Hari from the Outlaw project. :)

  10. I really enjoyed the new twist you gave to the traditional end of year scent round up!

    Looking at your lists has confirmed my long held impression that we two have relatively little crossover in terms of our scent leanings, but vive la difference I say!

    For me Sonia Rykiel Woman is an example of a perfume I fell in love with in 2010, thanks to a tip off from Wordbird. I have also worn AP to bed a lot (but not in a slutty way, which is of course another of your categories : - ) )

  11. My "tried to love and failed" perfumes this year were L'Heure Bleue and Parfum Sacre. I ended up with full bottles of both -- one was a gift and one was an unsniffed cheapie purchase -- and kept trying and then washing them off. I traded away the PS, still have the LHB and who knows, maybe in the next year I'll learn to love it. If not, I'll give it to a friend.

  12. Hi Elisa - I totally get what you're saying. Actually, I loved PS int he beginning but then...I changed, what can I say? However, it's beautiful on my sister and happy with its new home. LHB is a perfume best 'played with' but not actually worn. Not really.

    Thanks for the comment!



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