Sunday, March 13, 2016

Hermes Hiris: A Perfume for Introverts

This morning as B-man and I walked our dog, Paige, I got the distinct vibe of iris in the air. Some yards even showed the green stubby beginnings of iris blossoms to come.  Irises are pure drama with their unique shape and earthy smell. Think about it this way, how many times have you received a bouquet of irises?  They are far too wild to be in the 'Valentines Day/sappy romantic/I screwed up will you forgive me/sorry I didn't buy you cheese instead' category. 

Iris stands alone.

And you can't choose iris perfumes willy-nilly, like you might grab Paris Hilton's Heiress (my current guilty pleasure body spray...if you tell anyone, I'll deny it).  No, you have to be in just the right mood to wear iris perfumes or they come across all baby powder and dirt, which is a real bummer on the wrong day.  Plus, these perfumes are introverts that don't like people all that much.  Never wear an iris perfume if you're a compliment whore or you are hoping to get laid.  It won't work.  Iris perfumes were invented solely to show introvert solidarity.

During our walk I decided on Hermes Hiris as my scent of the day, and touching the frosted blue bottle when we got home made the back of my neck tingle.  In true iris fashion, I've played it cool today, doing introverted stuff like making chicken salad, watching the last half of Titanic and sending a few work emails.  Now I'm enjoying a glass of red wine with B-man.  Quietly, of course.

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