Saturday, April 17, 2010

Shopping for Inspiration

Perfume is the only thing I really enjoy shopping for.  Well, that and cheese. 

Stumbling upon Tea for Two several years ago, on a black and rainy day in Philadelphia, remains one of my favorite shopping memories.  Whenever perfume is involved, I feel inspired and shed the frugal, farm girl mindset that informs most other purchases.
Aside from perfume, however, shopping is a chore.  For me, the smallest decisions are the most difficult  (choosing the right mayonnaise is a 10-minute process, which is one reason B-man does the grocery shopping).  Mostly, I just avoid shopping altogether as I find the activity itself tedious and shallow. 

Yes, I am aware that I spend great chunks of time obsessing about perfume. 

Clothing is the worst.  Those rare times I am in the mood to shop for clothes, I beg B-man to go with me.  Otherwise, I get frustrated and come home because I can't make a decision.  Or, I buy stuff, then get home and it's like, what the hell was I thinking?  Back it goes. 

In spite of all that, I do occasionally end up with things I actually want.  Many are hanging in my closet with the tags still attached.  These items I will save for the perfect occasion because I love them so much.  In the meantime, I hate my other clothes and have nothing at all to wear.  Of course, I have to explain the whole "save it for a perfect day" thing to B-man each time he suggests that I might consider wearing one of the new items in my closet.  He so doesn't get it.

This week, however, I actually shopped for a dress all by myself.  How many people do you know that can go into a favorite store (I have two), try on 10 dresses, and be out the door in just over 30 minutes?   And, I bought one!  I didn't dither over whether or not it I should buy it, nor did I cheap out, which I almost always do. 

It just happened to be on sale. 

And I'm wearing it.  Tonight.

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