Sunday, April 11, 2010

Perfume Love Revealed

My Kelly Caleche is gone.

I used up the whole bottle.

Ran out.

As a perfume collector, one of the first things you make peace with is the fact that you will accumulate more perfume than you can possibly use in your lifetime. Because of this, going through an entire bottle of anything is unusual, but to realize you have used up a bottle of something that wouldn't automatically make your top five list is downright shocking.  Whether or not you have declared it before, there is no greater proof of smellie love than staring down an empty bottle.  

Kelly Caleche edt is a regular go-to choice for several reasons.  It's crowd friendly with moderate sillage and a ladylike demeanor, at least in the rosy-fruity top notes.  Moving through the heart notes, it maintains just enough freshness to carry the dirtier, iris-leather base notes (we thought she was a lady, but now we're not so sure...).  Finally, it is nichesque - I just made that up - and I haven't smelled it on anyone else in my world. 

Last fall, I sampled the later released Kelly Caleche edp, thinking I might like it more than the edt.  Nope. It's more girly-girl and fruity, with less of a 1950's flair. No leather at all to my nose.

Kelly Caleche edt is all about the leather.  And, apparently, I love it.  After all, the bottle's empty.

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