Monday, June 14, 2010

Perfumista or Alien?

Are we aliens in our perfume obsession?  

Think about it.

First, the conversation veers into perfume territory and soon, you notice the glazed over looks and repeated responses of, 'wow.'  Then, the people you are talking to begin scanning the area, eyes darting from side to side as if they have lost something or someone they are desperate to find.  Suddenly, you get it.

They're looking for the Mother Ship.

Perhaps I am a deranged perfume alien, but is there anything more exciting than being in hot pursuit of a perfume that you absolutely must sample?  Anything more fun than waiting for it (them) to arrive, checking the shipping info obsessively and, finally, receiving an e-mail from B-man that says, 'The Eagle has Landed?'  

Doesn't get much better than that.

Still, the face-to-face company of other aliens is also nice, which is why I keep luring my nieces away from the normal zone, hoping to discover - or create - at least one perfumista among them.  So far, they are just eyeballing the Kool-Aid.  

The first sip is free.

 Do you ever feel like a Perfume Alien in your world?


  1. hehee, of course I do! I think most people think I'm nuts...thankfully I have a good friend a few streets down that shares the obsession - phewww! and then there is all of you folks on the interwebs. Thank goodness for you!

  2. Ha ha. Love it. I can empathise fully. Being a man, I think there is even more of a "huh, WTF, a guy that sniffs perfume" reaction when friends find out about my obsession. My wife tolerates my hobby but I think she secretly wishes I built model aeroplanes or collected neckties ;-)

  3. That's a really cute post. I know exactly what you mean!

  4. Hi Bloody Frida - glad others feel that way, too! Unfortunately, there is no one in my everyday life - yet - that shares this perfume addiction, but I know they are out there. Thank goodness for our blogger friends. Take care!

  5. Michael, I can imagine you get some interesting reactions from your friends. I think it's awesome that you are a perfume nut, too. Your perspective is most valued!

  6. MyPerfumeLife - thanks! Glad you can relate!

  7. I was .. until I decided it is too hard being an alien and got myself a job working with aliens. Now I am part of an alien community!

  8. Eugene - hi! You are a lucky, lucky man. Thanks for visiting!

  9. hah! I think we are alien! But such sweet, creative, AWESOME aliens, right?.....

  10. La Bonne Vivante, I love your positive take on things! Absolutely sweet, creative and awesome aliens we are. Thanks for your comment!



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