Sunday, June 5, 2011

Getting Fit After Fifty

In February, I wrote a post about skinny women, and our fascination with being thin.  Instead of ranting, as I had planned, I decided - at that very moment - to get thinner and more fit myself.

Three plus months later, I'm realizing that reaching my goal will take a little longer than I expected.  Part of that is because I am not willing to live in total deprivation.

And I am no longer in my 30's or 40's. 

Two months passed (two!) before my body and my mind adjusted to exercising regularly.  During that time, I did it out of sheer will.

Then, something happened.  I started looking forward to my workouts; I became excited to push myself a little harder, and my strength and endurance increased seemingly overnight.

My body is responding nicely to more activity and healthier food.  I enjoy wearing different clothes and swinging my ass a little more when I walk.  

That will always be fun.

In hindsight, I'm not sure what sparked this quest, or why posting about skinny women had a different affect on me than I expected.

What I do know, at this point in my journey, is that my body's not the only thing coming back.  So is my optimism, my openness to life...and my joy.  

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  1. Someone's got her groove on! I'm thrilled you're feeling good. You deserve it, especially with all your efforts!

    Have fun swinging your butt!

  2. Glad to hear this Josephine. I should take a leaf out of you book and get myself back into shape. It's not just about the weight loss I bet, but also that feel-good effect of being in better touch with your body and your health.

  3. Hi JoanElaine - thanks for the supportive comment! It's good to feel good again.

  4. Michael - you're so right. Weight loss is just the cherry on top - it's so good to be moving and feeling, as you say, 'in touch with my body and my health.' Thanks for your comment.



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