Saturday, June 25, 2011

Random Thoughts On My Week

Taken right now from Big Red - I never tire of this view

*  Never have we had a more beautiful spring and summer.  Extreme rain followed by sunshine and warm temperatures creates a visual wonderland.

 *  Comparing Montale's White Aoud, Gres Cabaret and Estee Lauder's Knowing on my skin at the same time was an interesting experience.  Sharing sillage like this, they all suck.

*  After a brief investigation, I had to fire one of my key leaders Tuesday.  Later, my boss came to find me and said, 'I want you to clear the rest of your day and go home, relax, drink a glass of wine and come back tomorrow.'  So I did.  Three glasses, actually.  

'Watching you on Big Red could not be more boring.'

*  My dad's youthful spirit inspires me. 

'But wait, I hear someone in the kitchen!'

*  My body continues to get more fit, but Dear God In Heaven, it's taking a long time.  It's been four months since I began this journey.  I'm halfway to my goal.

*  Yellow mustard gives me a headache.

*  My work is a political hotbed right now.  In August, three people will have left my leadership team within a period of three months.  One retired, one resigned and one was fired.  Lots of people looking into my fishbowl.

*  Why do some handsome, well-dressed men neglect to wash their hair every day?  They might look clean from a distance, but up close, they smell...musty.  Buzz kill.

'This is absolutely the last shot - Dad might have chicken!'

*  Resilience is a conscious decision, which is why this week has been one of peppy perfume, a colorful wardrobe and arriving early at the office.  The show goes on.

*  It's hard to believe I'm almost fifty-two.  How will I feel in ten years?  Dad says he still feels like he's 40-something.  So do I.

*  Thank God for weekends.

All photos my own



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