Saturday, July 30, 2011

Crowded Mind

At any given time, a hundred random thoughts are floating through my mind.  I'm not unique, this happens to everyone.

But lately, I seem to have less space to simply focus on one thing with any depth at all.  Nor do I have any desire to focus on just one thing.

Here's a sample of my thoughts today:

What am I going to do with the rest of my life?
Should I color my hair?
What am I going to wear to my big meeting on Monday?
We really should plant flowers this weekend.
I hope Dad's okay.
Wow, I have a waist again.
Are my library books overdue yet?
Am I really almost 52?
What's the Next Big Thing?
I should probably order more Rose Essentielle.
Maybe I'll take treats to work on Monday.
Can't believe it's going to be August.
When can we go to Seattle?
I'm starving - what should I eat for lunch?
Paige, quit laying on my feet whenever I sit down.

My big accomplishment will be to focus long enough to put together a grocery list.  Well, not a serious list (B-man does the grocery shopping at our house), but the Fun Food list. 

I focus better when food's involved.

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  1. Hey Josephine - you sound like me..okay here are some of mine (and yeah, we're nearly 52 years old - I keep 'forgetting' how old I am):

    "Great, I went to the gym this morning, so that means I can just sit around watching movies all day."

    "How long will it be before I 1) get thinner and 2) have longer hair again"

    Worrying about the upcoming move re: my son but not doing anything about it other than worrying " So instead of worrying, why don't I just write a list?" I don't listen to myself very well.

    "Why did I cut off my hair again? I look like a squirrel" (that taken from an old TV commercial)

    "I have to do laundry, but since I went to the gym this morning..." (you see where this is going?)

    "Maybe I should just start packing for the move, but that means I have to do laundry, which means I...oh just forget it"

    "I'm thirsty"

  2. lol
    I love the fact that I am not the only one with a million thoughts running through my mind, but I am so lazy now and not concentrated enough to even begin writing them down. :)

  3. Frida - your list made me laugh. I SO get it! And there's nothing quite like hair angst, is there? 'Should I grow/cut or shouldn't I?' It can literally make me crazy at times. Unlike you, I'm glad I finally cut my hair short again. As it got longer, in my latest growing craze, I began to feel like a hunchback. I know, insane, right? But then again, I'm almost 52...

  4. Ines - good to hear from you! Laziness reigns supreme for me right now, too. The only thing I seem to be able to think about is all the things I'm thinking about. Hopefully, action will soon follow.



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