Sunday, July 17, 2011

Perfume Layering and The Library

Yesterday, B-man and I completed our usual Saturday run around that included Macy's, my favorite liquor store (B-man has dubbed this store 'The Princess' because it's the only one I want to go to anymore) and the library.

Ahh, I love the friendly smell of a library; that compelling mix of nostalgia, leather and books that have been touched by multiple hands. 

My nose, Daphne, had previously suggested that I layer L'Occitane's Iris with Chanel's Sycomore.  This makes sense because a vetiver vibe runs through both (heavily so in Sycomore, and in Iris as an accent).  

As it turns out, they are lovely together from top notes to drydown.  Iris softens the green bite of Sycomore, and Sycomore adds a nice smoky depth to Iris.

Accidentally perfect for the library.

Believing that my perfumes could have a dual role makes me feel they each have a purpose, on their own or in partnership with another.

Suddenly, this matters. 

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  1. The smell of a library or a bookstore makes me have to go to the bathroom.

    I will understand totally if you need to slam The Sharing Window shut, now. :)

  2. Oh, good... the library is giving you pleasure!

    Where I live now, the tiny tiny library is too new to have that book smell. But I remember the stacks in the (big) library at UVa - there are actually seven libraries, but the big one, wow. It was like a maze with treasure at every turn, particularly because the building was added to multiple times, with unusual angles and half-floors (no, I'm not making that up) in the old part of the building. It was fascinating.

  3. *jen, that's pretty funny. Our library actually has a really nice bathroom - downstairs, away from the books. Hope yours is also well equipped.

    (The Sharing Window brings about all sorts of treasures...)

  4. Hi muse - I love and remember every library in my history. When we were little, Mom took me and my sister almost every Saturday during the summers. In graduate school, it was my favorite place to go study, read or just contemplate. My general practice now is to go, get an armful of books, not read any of them and then return them late.

    Unless my husband saves me by getting them back on time.

  5. Josephine, you sound just like me in this respect. I have a life-long love of libraries and to this day I go almost every week. Reading is a great love of mine anyway, but I gain a lot of comfort just from sitting in a library. In another life I would have loved to be a librarian.

  6. And I seem to incur fine after fine for late return too... :-(

  7. Michael - hello, fellow library lover! I can't imagine a better place to spend time and just be quiet with my thoughts. Perhaps that's another reason I love them; there's an expectation that everyone will respect the environment.

    We will have to work on our laziness in the book returning though.



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