Thursday, July 28, 2011

Notify The Perfumista Police

Someone call the authorities: suddenly, I am bored with perfume.

I can't get excited writing about it and can't even bring myself to read passionate, well-written reviews by other bloggers.

Looking at my cabinet, with rows of untouched bottles, I am filled with thoughts of WTF?

Get this: over the weekend, I considered boxing up all my perfumes, except for the current top five (yes, I'm the nerd that keeps the original packaging), and putting them in the wine cellar until they appreciate in value.  

Then I'll sell them for a small fortune on eBay.

Retirement income.

So, until I am compelled to twirl again about perfume, you'll be reading about my day-to-day life; oceans of mundane peppered by moments of high drama. 

Go ahead.  Cuff me.

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  1. I'm happy to read about the non-perfume aspects of your life, but I choose to believe in my day length theory. We're past the solstice, we're on the journey to winter, but it's still hot and sticky out there, so nothing smells right. If long-day onions are bulbing, perfume cravings are waning. That's my theory and I'm sticking to it.

  2. I'm with Chicken Freak - I'll read about your life without perfume!
    I sometimes get bored with perfume. It's only natural. We all get bored with anything we love from time to time. Take a little break and don't think twice about it.

  3. I agree with those two (points up) - I have been quite bored with perfume these days - nothing smells right - I'm too sweaty, grumpy, etc.

    I love reading everything you blog about!

  4. It seems like a common theme Josephine. I wish you would list out all those bottles of perfume - would love to find out!

  5. Hey ChickenFreak - thanks for your comment! I like your onion theory and just may adopt it as my own...Hope you're enjoying the summer!

  6. JoanElaine - you are constantly supportive and encouraging. Thanks! Glad to know others deal with periodic perfume boredom as well. I will take your advice and kick Inner Critic to the curb.

  7. Hi Frida - glad to know the sweaty-grumpy thing is shared! Thanks for your support and for consistently visiting my blog - much appreciated!

  8. Michael, it's true - there seems to be a lot of perfume 'blankness' going around. I hope you keep writing as I really like reading about your work, your family and your life. Thanks for the comment!



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