Friday, July 8, 2011

The Space Between

Everything in my life seems to be stuck somewhere 'in between:'

*  At work, I am wading through some challenges that are leading to exciting options.  But they are not clear, only ideas to take form.

*  My body is moving toward fit and feisty, but I'm only half way there.

*  I'm in between loving the perfumes I have and deciding upon my next purchase (Dzongkha by L'Artisan keeps calling).

*  B-man and I are in between having planned a trip on one date and deciding upon a new date so that others can join us.

*  I'm in between haircuts.

*  I know what my life has been, but can't clearly visualize what lies ahead.

*  My pedicure is too old to look fresh, but not old enough to do again.  

*  It's dark and muggy outside, threatening rain, but the storm is not yet here.

*  Since Mom died, our family is no longer what it was, but not  what it will ultimately become.

Perhaps the bulk of our lives is spent in this place.

The space between.

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  1. I think I understand the space between...I wish it were a more comfortable place. I love when you write posts like these. You have a beautiful, succinct way of expressing your thoughts and I am always richer for reading. The journey is everything...much love.

  2. I think of this kind of time as living in "liminal time." I always feel on the threshold of something, like that feeling you have just before it rains.

    I think you're right though about most of life being like this. It is what happens when we are making other plans...

  3. Hey Mermaid, thanks for your comment! We are both familiar with this 'middle zone' and I'm glad we're sharing the journey together. Love back to you.

  4. Diana, I like the term 'liminal time.' And I, too, always have that feeling - no, I chase that feeling - of being on the threshold. It makes me feel alive to ponder what could be right around the corner. Thanks for your comment!



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