Friday, May 27, 2011

A Scented Road Trip

B-man and I drove to Boise, Idaho today, approximately 5 hours of open space and beautiful skies.  

We arrived to dark clouds and rain.

Could it be more perfect?

I felt really 'zen' on the way here and realized my mind has not been that relaxed for a long time.  Miles and miles of openness, where nothing quick happens and everything is predictable. 

B-man and I negotiated a 'stop every 2-hour' plan before we left.  I told him I could drive for days as long as we stop every two hours.

'Because I need a Happy Snack that often,'
I explained.

This, he seemed to understand, so we moved ahead with the 2-hour plan.  

Just after our first stop (Wendy's spicy chicken wrap - yum!), we were riding in silence, broken only by our intermittent chatter and rain that was never heavy enough to start the wipers.  I touched B-man's leg and said, 'everything okay over there, Sugar?'  He took my hand, kissed it and said, 'yeah, I'm just trying to decide on my next Happy Snack.'

I Could Not settle on what perfume to bring, and I hope to score some perfume while I'm here that will create a scent memory of this weekend.  Just in case, I packed decants of the following:

Black Aoud
Iris Silver Mist
Jolie Madame
DSH Vintage Patchouly

Depending on how the air smells (we're about to go out with our umbrellas and walk around in search of a good martini), I'll make my decision.

While the drive here was what you might call uneventful, I did achieve something I have never done before.  Of course, I dressed comfortably, in black yoga pants and a black tank top. Halfway through the trip, I thought, 'why in the hell did I wear a bra?'  The more I thought about it, the more it bugged me.

So, right there on the freeway, without even undoing my seat belt, I maneuvered out of my bra with hardly any upset to my tank top at all.  B-man said, 'well, look at you, Little Miss Smarty Pants.'

I must admit, it was quite something.

Pictures my own, taken from the passenger seat today


  1. Lawdy, I hate bras. Cruel things.
    Enjoy your break!

  2. Hi *jen - you are so right - bras can be downright cruel. Thanks for your comment and well wishes!

  3. Frida, you're a sweetheart - thanks for your comment!



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